Techo Fount collection

Return to basics

Timeless, accessible and flexible. The Techo Fount Workspaces collection is built on the fundamentals of functional design. With its elegant finish it suits offices, public spaces, but also domestic interiors. It is variable and has a wide range of uses. We designed 8 different leg types for the Fount range of desks. They are all unique and can be combined with different decors and finishes. All fulfil the current standards for sustainability. The collection can adapt to the needs of the workplace environment. It offers space for focussed work as well as a creative place for brainstorming with colleagues.

Playful variation

Do you prefer wood or metal, or perhaps you can’t decide between them? Legs, desktops and individual panels can be combined at will, and it is possible to have a desk with each leg different. Whether you have an individual desk Workstation or a bench arrangement, it can be accompanied by screens that help with demarcation, improve the acoustic environment, and enable you to work that bit more effectively.

8 shades of elegance

Each leg type comprises a unique and distinctive design. The Techo Fount collection encompasses 8 basic leg types:

FOUNT Original leg

The Techo Fount collection marks a return to the original attributes of design. The simplicity and functionality of the “Original” desk is an example of this. This desk fully meets the requirements for offices and can be adjusted to individual workers. The worksurface, which is clear and undisturbed, and the simple desk design, leave workers free to concentrate fully on their given assignments. Desktops use the patented Quickfix system, enabling quick (dis)assembly.

The desk is available as a separate desk, a “duo” version, a bench configuration and a conference table.

Standard materials and colours


Peter de Boer

This Dutch designer studied industrial design at the prestigious Rietveld Academy of Art in Amsterdam. During his studies, he interned at Gispen, where he first met his future colleagues. After graduating, he worked on his own projects for a short time, and in 1980 he joined Gispen as a product designer. Since the early 1990s, his designs have emphasized sustainability and environmental concerns. Peter de Boer has designed a diverse range of products for Gispen, including the Next and Atlas desk range, the Meta cabinets, the limited-edition SideCard collection, and the Fount Original desk from the Techo Fount Collection.


Technical description

• Legs of rectangular cross-section: 80 x 40 mm

• Laminated chipboard with 2 mm ABS edge

• Desktop thickness: 18 or 22 mm

• Desk height: 750 - 765 mm

• The metal base is finished with a high-quality powder coating

Surface finishes

Desktop finishes:

• We offer a wide range of decors from our regular supplier, Pfleiderer.

Base finishes:

• black

• gunmetal

• white

• silver

• anthracite 


• Bench configurations;

• Available in various sizes as well as conference format (see the Technical Manual in the “download” section);

• Optional sliding desktop that can be locked in the open or closed position;

• Desktops use the patented Quickfix system, enabling quick (dis)assembly;

• A wide range of accessories are available;

• Can be matched with other TECHO products.


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