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As part of the Royal Ahrend group we are one of the top five office furniture producers in Europe. We are able to offer customers a reliable and seamless service through our twenty-five offices on five continents. Our factories can be found at six locations around the world and we have delivered orders in over one hundred countries. 

Techo is Ahrend

With effect from 1st January 2021 the company Techo takes on the name of its owner and will continue to trade under the name Ahrend as a fully-fledged member of the Royal Ahrend group.

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We help our clients transform their workplace environments into places full of inspiration and productive collaboration, where both employees and clients feel good.

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Inspiring workplace environment of the future 

In the near future, we do not expect that people will spend the majority of their time in one spot. Therefore, we are working today on the assumption of the Hybrid Working Community, in which employees themselves influence the organisation and method of their work.

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The bringing together of brands

Royal Ahrend designs furniture and provides a tailored service for commercial interiors of all types with a 3-brand furniture portfolio - Ahrend, Gispen and Techo. Each of them is a leader in their market and some of them can boast a history going back over a hundred years.

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Tradition since 1896 

Although since 2021 we have been writing a common history under one name, the separate stories of several individual brands are intertwined. 

The earliest chapter is linked with the entrepreneurial spirit of the young Jacobus Ahrend and started in 1896 in the Dutch capital.

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Our approach to design is simple: Less is always more

In our long history, you will find a whole range of important persons and innovations that have shaped and moved our vision forward. They also contributed to the cultivation of the design language of our products and the enhancement of our services. Since 1896 we have been building on the timeless values of Dutch design and we strive to adapt them to current needs.

Royal Ahrend: Design is a tradition, not a trend

Design awards


The Qabin acoustic box responds to the reality of the new hybrid workplace environment, and in particular the increased demand for video conferences. It allows anyone to close themselves off for an online meeting without being interrupted by or disturbing others. 

In-house design: Marck Haans

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Well chair

Well impresses with its harmonious design, which is suitable for use in all office spaces. The design is presentable and the modular construction enables individual configuration and comfortable seating, even during long meetings.

Design: Kees de Boer

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Silence Call

Silence CALL is part of the new generation of “space in space,” solutions that return quiet to current workplaces. In addition to high acoustic quality, Silence Call also scores thanks to ergonomics and the automatic control of the interior environment.

In-house design

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Art is part of our DNA 

Ahrend (formerly TECHO) and art have gone hand in hand for three decades now. From the moment we decided to focus on designing and manufacturing furniture for commercial interiors, we have supported projects from the arts that are close to us. We have always strived to connect our activities with the world of art, drawing from it valuable inspiration and additional energy for our work. 

Ahrend and art

On entering the Ahrend showroom, you will immediately see evidence of our connection with the visual arts. As you step inside, you will find yourself in a world without boundaries, where offices, meeting rooms and art galleries blend into one whole.

27 years of the Techo Art Collection

Inspiration, art and energy for further work. For us, the Techo Art Collection project, which our company has been running for 27 years, is all of this. During that time, we have supported prominent Czech and Slovak artists, and thanks to them a unique collection of limited edition prints and T-shirts has been created.

A staircase designed by Eva Jiřičná

As an expression of respect and thanks for our long-term cooperation we reconstructed, together with the Artefakt team, a monumental staircase made of glass and stainless steel, originally located in the Paris branch of the Joan & David store chain.

Sustainable manufacturing

The Ahrend factory in Prague is one of the most modern furniture factories in Central and Eastern Europe. Since the 1990s we have been gradually expanding our production, increasing its capacity and productivity, and introducing new technology. In 2023 we installed a completely new production line from German firm Homag. This will help us meet our ambitious environmental goals. 

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