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  • The operator requests all those using the website to read these Terms of Use setting out conditions for access and operation of the website. You should only use the website if you agree with these Terms of Use.
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  • On the website Ahrend a.s. is entitled to use the data of other parties that are the authors, owners, distributors or sources of this information. Any copying, publication or dissemination of the content of these sources is forbidden without the prior written consent of Ahrend a.s.
  • All content of the website is just informative in nature. The content of the website is drawn from sources that Ahrend a.s. considers to be reliable. Ahrend a.s. is not responsible for the correctness or completeness of this content, or for ensuring it is up to date. The content of the website is regularly updated and amended. Information, data, analysis, opinions or other notifications published on the website must be assessed within the context of the moment of its publication on the website.
  • Ahrend a.s. reserves the right without prior notification to modify or remove any part of the website.
  • Each user of the website uses it at his/her own risk. Ahrend a.s. is not responsible for any damage that arises in relation to connection to or use of the website, or damage caused by the partial or complete non-functionality of the website. Ahrend a.s. does not guarantee the ability to connect to or the perfect functionality of the website, and is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage due to inability to connect to the website or inability to access its content.
  • If a user enters the part of the website that requires registration and the entering of a user name and password, then such registration data provided by the user will be used for personalisation of this part of the website and its services. In the case of registered access, Ahrend a.s. has the right to use the provided data for marketing purposes internally within Ahrend a.s. or for other purposes connected with the business of Ahrend a.s.
  • Ahrend a.s. is entitled to contact registered users for the purpose of verifying whether provided personal information is up to date and correct. Where there is reasonable doubt that information is correct it will be blocked, and if is not possible to amend or verify this information without unreasonable effort or expense such information will be removed.
  • Unless expressly stated otherwise, the Terms of Use are effective and valid from the date they are first published on the website.
  • Ahrend a.s. reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time. These Terms of Use are valid with effect from 1.9.2012

Cookies Statement

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files on your device that you use when browsing websites. These files are saved when you visit the website and can be reloaded the next time you visit, so your next visit to the same website may be easier, faster and more effective. Some Cookies are necessary for the functioning of our website, we use them primarily for analysis of traffic. This is important for us as feedback for our work. For analysis we use Google Analytics. The storing of cookies also serves, for example, the monitoring of website traffic behaviour, monitoring website visitor numbers, or creating targeted advertising and saving advertising settings. Cookies may come from us, or from third parties whose services we use.

Cookie settings in the browser

Most browsers accept cookies automatically as the default setting. Even so, you have the option to set your browser so that cookies are displayed before they are saved, or are blocked. If you do not agree with the storage of cookies, you can delete or block them in your browser by following the instructions in the below links:

Please note that managing the settings only affects the given browser. If you use more than one browser, you must manage the cookies settings in each individually. You can also delete stored cookies at any time. Further information is available in the browser or operating system features.

Please bear in mind that the website is set to function with the permitted cookies, and so if they are blocked some functions of the website might not work correctly.

In accordance with Act no. 127/2005 Sb., on Electronic Communications, as amended, we can store cookies on your devices if they are necessary for the operation of the website (functional cookies). For other types of cookie we need your consent. In the event of consent, personal data is processed for the period specified in the statement of consent or until revoked. Cookies can be divided into functional cookies, (necessary), without which the website will not function, and others. This website uses various types of cookie. The cookie settings can be changed here:

Change cookie settings

Two types of cookies are stored with respect to the length of storage in your browsing device

  • session cookies – remain on your device until you close your browser, when they are deleted. Session cookies are, for example, technical cookies that enable the storage of the website language version; and
  • persistent cookies – remain stored in the browser for a longer time (depending on your browser settings and cookie settings) or until they are intentionally deleted. Your settings can be stored in long-term cookies, which ensure smoother and more relevant browsing of the website in future. Google Analytics, for example, uses long-term cookies.

Google Analytics

This website uses the Google Analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”), which uses cookies to analyse how users make use of the website. Specifically, the website makes use of the following modules:

Google Analytics – Account Status and Performance Tracking, Visitor Summary, Active Users, User Explorer, Visitor Analytics, Visitor Quality, Conversion Probability, Comparison Reports, Demographics and Interests, User Flow Report, AdWords Reports.

Information generated by a cookie on the use of the website (including our IP address) can be transferred to and stored on servers in the United States of America (“USA”).

Google uses this information for the purpose of evaluating the use of the website and generating reports on website use for the operators and for the provision of other services associated with the activities on the website, and for use of the internet in general. Google can provide this information to third-parties for processing on behalf of Google. You can deactivate the use of cookies on the website as described above, or by changing the browser settings. However, if you do so for all types of cookies, you will not be able to take full advantage of all the features of this website.

To opt out of Google Analytics tracking on all websites, please visit:

For detailed information about Google Analytics and the protection of personal data, please visit:

The transfer of data to third countries

If you give us your consent, in connection with Google Analytics or analytical or marketing cookies or cookies linked to social networks and other web technologies used by, for example, Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly Facebook) ("Meta"), we will send your personal data to companies based in the United States ("USA") on servers located there. Personal data is also sent to companies in the USA in the case of functional and marketing cookies used by YouTube (a subsidiary of Google LLC), or functional and analytics cookies used by our company, Ahrend. Please bear in mind that such transfers may involve risks of the processing of your personal data due to the lack of a decision on adequate personal data protection and appropriate safeguards. Specifically, the transfer and processing of personal information in the United States may be subject to U.S. government surveillance programs, and your personal information may then be made available to security and national investigation services. Furthermore, people resident outside the United States do not have the same protection from surveillance programs conducted by the National Security Agency or the Director of National Security. Finally, there is no single authority in the United States responsible for overseeing privacy. Different U.S. federal states have different contact points with respect to personal data protection powers, including a special court that decides on foreign security oversight matters.

Information from cookies is transferred to the following entities: Google LLC, YouTube, Meta Platforms, Inc. (formally Facebook) and Leady.

The processing of personal data

We can process data about how you use the website via your pc, telephone or other device. For example, we can process:

  • Device data: hardware model, unique device identifiers, MAC address, IP address, operating system version, and device settings
  • Protocol: the time and duration of use of the website, search data and all information stored in cookies that uniquely identify your browser or account
  • Location data: information on your location obtained using various methods for determining location, e.g., GPS, Wi-Fi access points or other sensors that can provide data to nearby devices

  • Other data: we may process information about your use of the website if you visit or use third party websites or applications with the aim of cooperating with us, and information about how you interact with the website content

An IP address is a unique number assigned to a computer or other device that communicates through an Internet protocol. You must know the IP address of the sender and recipient each time you transfer data.

Analytical scripts are small pieces of computer code that can be used to monitor users and their behaviour on websites. This can be basic tracking of whether a user has visited the site, or advanced tracking, such as adding a product to a cart, selecting a product, submitting a form, and so on. Analytical scripts can provide the acquired data to a third-party computer script provider.

We may combine personal information about you or your activity with other information that we obtain from publicly available sources in cases permitted by law.

Types of cookies that we use on our website

Functional (necessary)

These are cookies necessary for the correct functioning of the website. These necessary cookies enable basic functions such as site navigation, and at the same time ensure that the website is safe and easy to use and operate. For this reason, these are mandatory cookies and their use cannot be excluded. Some of these cookies belong to third parties and are used by YouTube and Leady, which provide their services to our company.


Analytics cookies enable an understanding of how people use the website. Analytical cookies record your location, how you browse the site, patterns and preferences when browsing the website, time spent on the website and other information. This then provides the opportunity to improve the website. These cookies help to ensure the smooth operation and adaptation of the website content to your requirements through anonymous information collection and reporting. Your active consent is required to enable this type of cookie.


Marketing cookies are used to monitor your activity on our website. The purpose is to display content and adverts that are relevant and interesting directly for you, which is thus more valuable for the publisher of third-party adverts. The result is better targeted advertising, which is personalised to you and helps us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Our website uses both short-term and long-term marketing cookies. Some of these cookies belong to third parties and are used by YouTube and Google LLC, which provide their services to our company. Your active consent is required to enable this type of cookie.


Preference cookies enable a website to remember your preferences and thus adjust to you. This is information that changes the way the website behaves and looks. This includes, for example, your preferred language or the region in which you are located. This type of cookie ensures a smooth user experience for the website. Your active consent is required to enable this type of cookie.

Necessary/voluntary processing of personal data

Some personal data we can process on the basis of the justified interests of our company or a third party. This concerns, in particular, cookies processed for the purpose of

  • ensuring website functionality,
  • storing user preferences on the domain during the session,
  • monitoring website traffic.

For other purposes we process your personal data only if we have obtained your consent. The provision of personal data for such processing is voluntary. Thus, you are not compelled to provide such data. If you withhold your consent, we will not process your personal data.

Further information

It might be in the public interest to archive personal data and this may be used for the purposes of research in the areas of science, history or statistics.

We don’t have any control over the content of external websites that hypertext links on the website direct you to. We are not responsible for the processing of your personal data on external websites. These hypertext links are provided as a service to users and are utilised at the user’s own risk.

To ensure maximum protection against unauthorized access to, or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of the data we collect and process, we have taken appropriate organizational and technical measures, including physical, electronic and administrative procedures, to protect and secure the information collected through this site. Your sensitive data or personal data that you enter via our website are encrypted and protected with an SSL certificate. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the safety of your personal information if it is sent by you or if you do not treat your personal information securely.



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