Would you like to personally experience the latest ideas from the world of commercial interiors? Do you want to know what it’s like to enjoy the aroma of a pine-log lined office, or how you would feel in a black office reminiscent of a spaceship? We warmly invite you to visit our showroom in Prague - Hostivař. The eclectic and playfully fitted-out interior of our showroom was created in cooperation with architect Petr Kolář of ADR, in order for you to be able to compare, test out and select the best solution for your future work environment.

Petr Kolář
Architect ADR

A place for positive emotions

When designing the showroom we worked on the concept that we didn’t just want to display sundry TECHO products, but also create a lively and active place for meetings that evokes positive emotions and inspiration. We wanted to show that creating a non-standard and attractive interior is not a question of money; we are able to meet customer requirements using clever and creative solutions.

Come and visit us

Be inspired

Are you thinking about new office space? We would like to show you new products, colour schemes, decors, upholstery fabrics, and furniture from our key suppliers, such as Ahrend, Humanscale and Rim. Are you interested to see what our modern furniture factory looks like? We will be happy to show you.

Try out the solution

If you already have an interior design and need to satisfy yourself that the chosen solution will work in practice, and you would also like to adjust the final details with an architect or our experts, we are able to create a mock-up workstation. You can try various options for carpets, partitions, lights and other accessories. You will have everything in front of you and can make changes and adjustments were necessary.

Try out the latest technologies

Our showroom also provides the opportunity to view sample interiors in virtual reality. We have high-definition VR goggles able to provide a faithfully depicted and smooth moving virtual reality experience. If you prefer to see reality, our salesmen will be happy to show you one of our reference projects.

We look forward to your visit

Before arriving please agree a meeting with a salesman so you will be able to make maximum use of your time during your visit. List of contacts.

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