Inspiration Centre

The workplace of the future you can visit today 

Our Prague HQ has been transformed into a generous space full of inspiration where you can experience our idea of the workplace of the future. In one place, you will find a lively office space full of art, nature and contemporary design, open to all curious visitors.

How was our new showroom created?

Ingrid Groeneweg is behind the design of our new showroom in Prague Hostivař, and she describes to us what most inspired her work in Prague.

Welcome to Ahrend!

In the entrance lobby you will be welcomed at reception with a freshly prepared coffee and you can sit in one of the comfortable seating areas. Your wait will be made all the more pleasant by the works of art and large screen projection. 

Inspiration for your new projects 

Are you considering a new office environment? We would be happy to show you the new products, colour finishes, sample decors, upholstery fabrics and furniture from our brand portfolio. Are you interested to see what a state-of-the-art production facility looks like? We are happy to show you.


The showroom also serves partly as our office. During your visit, you may therefore come across a meeting of one of our project teams in one of the separate spaces designed for group work.

Enjoy the silence 

Acoustic boxes today play an essential role in open-plan offices where they provide comfortable space for concentrated work, undisturbed phone calls or small meetings. All without compromise in comfort and quality of the internal environment. 

Mock Up Area

Do you already have an interior design concept and need to make sure that the selected option will really suit you? Do you want to fine-tune the details with architects or experts? We will let you try different variants of carpets, partitions, lights and other accessories in a mock-up. You will see everything with your own eyes, you can change and adjust the model workplace in anyway needed.

A walk through history 

Do you know who designed the iconic Revolt chair, or what Mehes means as an abbreviation? Are you interested in our experience garnered over 130 years that we can apply to your project? We will be happy to guide you through our history and introduce you to iconic products. Maybe one of them will inspire your thinking about your new office space.

Can we invite you for a coffee?

We will be happy to welcome you to our showroom. Before you visit, please make an appointment with our salesperson so that we can give you maximum attention during your visit.

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