We manufacture in the Czech Republic

The Ahrend production facility in Prague is one of the most modern furniture factories in Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to the quality and capacity of our production facility, we are able to satisfy even the most demanding requirements and deliver large interior projects anywhere in the world.

In September 2023 we launched a new modern production line with machinery from Homag. This enables us to not only increase productivity, but also fulfil the ambitious environmental objectives in the area of reducing energy consumption, reducing waste and water management. With respect to the environment, we have always strived to be at the forefront and through our example to inspire other producers.  

Production storage
Storage space

Main advantages of the new production facility 

Increased productivity 

The production process is fully digitised. All information can be shared in real time with all departments. Every member of the team therefore has an immediate overview of the progress of a given order, which simplifies further planning and the satisfying of agreed deadlines.

Energy savings

Compared to the old machines, the newly installed technology is more efficient and environmentally friendly in all regards. We also take every opportunity to make further improvements. We are installing solar panels and we use residual heat from production for heating.

Waste reduction 

Software for the automatic line integrates all systems and enables efficient scheduling of production with regard to stock. It also minimises the necessary cuts in the board material and thus reduces the amount of waste during production. We deliver the remaining waste to suppliers for further recycling.   

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