Everything you need for your large interior projects

We take a comprehensive approach to every project, ensuring that it meets the demanding individual requirements and mitigates all possible risks. We manage the entire delivery from a technical, creative and administrative point of view, from the initial design to the handover of the finished premises. In so doing we ensure that the result corresponds to your expectations and goals whilst complying with agreed deadlines, budgets and building regulations.  

Thanks to the well-devised system of project management, quality control, and also careful preparations at the start, we can, depending on the project scope, save between 5 and 25% of costs. 


Capacity planning

Decide on the basis of data. We will verify the effective rental area for your new offices.

Are you considering moving and are deciding between several buildings and you don’t know which is most suitable for your business? Are you hesitating about whether you will fit in the new space? We will help you at the start with basic functions and the assessment of one or more buildings. We will provide you with information and analyses that will help you make the correct decision and determine how much space you will actually need to lease.


Space planning

Save costs on new premises. Working together, we will consider and assess the functioning of the future space and the minimisation of operating costs.

Do you want to obtain maximum benefit from the new space? Do you need help in negotiation of the future lease? We will determine a layout based on operational requirements, with details of the furniture required and costs for interior works. 

As consultants with years of experience, we can help you negotiate better conditions for your future lease. 



Invest in a sustainable solution. We will design an interior that will reliably serve you over the long-term.

We take an interest in every aspect of your company’s operation. Starting with fundamental aspects such as kitchenette capacity, we move onto details such as different floor hights in the various rooms, various surface types, floor coverings and door handles. We design, devise layouts, calculate the optimal distribution of costs. We imagine and combine everything in such a way that the result meets the requirements for ergonomics, economy and, last but not least, for corporate identity.

Design elements 

  • partitions
  • floor/carpet
  • doors
  • graphics
  • furniture
  • false ceilings

We prepare an interior study that forms the basis for project documentation.



Eliminate the hassle of paperwork. We will take care of all the administration.

We will prepare project documentation for you to the extent required by the Building Act and process the project documentation needed for negotiations with the authorities, for construction pricing and for implementation. The output is project documentation and a bill of quantities. An itemized budget is created at this stage.


Other activities

Save hassle with suppliers.We will arrange all the necessary additional services for you.

We work with verified partners and supplement them with local companies as needed. We monitor quality. We will arrange everything from the signage system, the design of graphics for wallpapers, stickers on glass partitions, the delivery of acoustic panels to the bespoke fitting of furniture and the measuring up of spaces. 


Project management and supervision

Forget about complications during installation. We carefully plan and control the construction process so that the result corresponds to the design.

Our experienced project team uses advanced job planning tools to create detailed work schedules, so you know exactly what will happen when. We cooperate in the preparation of the construction brief, we participate in the selection of the contractor, we control the construction process (we undertake supervision), we manage changes during construction, we communicate with you to make sure that everything goes according to plan.


Performance of construction work

Leave all the work to us.We offer help with interior design from the shell & core stage.

We start with the rough construction of a new office building, or with demolition work in an existing building. In the empty space, we first create the entire outer shell ourselves according to the established layouts and continue with the installation of furniture.

The advantage of this approach is that, working with you, we can realise your individual concept and deliver your dream offices. We also arrive at this result faster and at lower cost.


Interior fittings and furnishings

Take advantage of our wide portfolio. Thanks to more than thirty years of experience, we offer a premium approach to your toughest requirements.

From entire workplaces, through relaxation zones, special acoustic solutions to tailor-made accessories, we always find the best solution for you. We rely on our own modern production facility and an international portfolio of reliable suppliers. Our experienced sales team is at your disposal throughout the project. 



You can count on long-term customer service. We are here for you even after furnishing and handing over your new premises.

We will move you to a new address in cooperation with our verified partners, we will take care of the environmental disposal of the old furniture. And when you settle in and over time you find that you need to add some furnishings, or make any changes, the same team will still be ready to fulfil any such requests.

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