27 years of the Techo Art Collection

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Inspiration, art and energy for further work. For us, the Techo Art Collection is all of these things. It is as much a part of our company as modern design and satisfied customers. For 27 years now we have promoted the most prominent Czech and Slovak artists who have helped create a unique collection of limited-edition prints, and T-shirts with the same motif. We are extremely proud that we have continued this tradition without break, and we are already looking towards the next edition. As we wanted a retrospective of the entire collection, we asked our colleagues to model the T-shirts for us and photographed the entire collection again. This resulted in a catalogue covering the entire collection since 1996, when the story began.   

When in 1996 we issued the first in the series of limited-edition prints by prominent Czech and Slovak artists, we could not have guessed that we had laid the foundation stone of a tradition that would leave its mark on the world of design as a whole. Although Jan Hampl himself, one of the founders of the entire project (and the father of the current General Director, Petr Hampl), claims that it all started by chance, it has prospered due to the hard work of all involved. Thanks to the fact that Jan Hampl joined forces with the then Managing Director, Jiří Kejval, and well-known Prague artist Karel Chaba, the company (then known as TECHO) could proudly gift limited-edition prints to employees and business partners.

Today, over a quarter of a century later, our unique collection comprises 27 editions that have been created by both past and contemporary artists. Worth mentioning are the prints created by Oldřich Kulhánek, Jiří Sopka and the modern outlook of Krištofa Kintera. It has led up to this year’s wonderful edition created by Jan Kaláb. We are glad that in addition to the highly sought after limited-edition prints we can also present our collection to the world through the T-shirts with the same graphic motif. In addition, they also really suit our employees!

Take a look at the entire collection from the first year up to the latest edition

Catalog Techo Art Collection 2022


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