Screen Zenith 2

Privacy at work

This is a system that enhances the workplace environment. In large open plan offices it provides a certain degree of privacy and aids concentration on the task at hand. The Novum range of office accessories can be attached to the screens enabling more efficient organization of the workspace. The screens also contribute to improving the acoustic environment. Zenith 2 screens are stable and have a range of possible applications.

The design of the screens consists of a frame made from a single type of aluminium profile with width 25 mm. At the corners the frame profiles are connected with screws using cast aluminium connecting pieces that are hidden by a plastic cover in the same colour as the frame. Options are available with respect to the panel material. The basic options make use of 18 mm thick MFC or chipboard covered with a fabric from the standard range. It is also possible to use MFC without a fabric covering. Another option is to use a 3 mm sheet of plexiglass. To increase effectiveness an LED strip can be added to the frame, which illuminates the plexiglass. The above types can be combined with a universal toolbar for attaching various international brands of office accessories. The toolbar can have one or three grooves. A pinable surface can also be provided for the screens. A horizontal groove in the frame enables the attachment of NOVUM office accessories. Another option is to add a 10 mm plexi panel on top of the screen. Using a holder slotted into the groove on top of the frame, the plexi extension can be firmly connected to the screen. The wide groove can be covered with a clear plastic profile or a holder can be inserted for attaching a shelf.


The screens can be attached to desktops using universal holders, but are also available as a free standing option. Screens can be connected together in a line, at right angles or any angle up to 120°. The groove in the top profile enables the use of NOVUM accessories to improve workstation organisation.

Screen holders

Depending on specific requirements the screens can be attached to the desktop with universal holders, or they can be freestanding.

The holder for screens above the desktop and between the tops of two desks (MD) – is attached using a clamp with metric thread and is fastened to the screen via grooves in the profile and M6 screws.

The holder for screens under the desktop (D) and screens from the ground to the desktop (DZ) – standard Horizont screen holders. This holder is fixed to the screen using screws and threaded inserts in the MFC core.

Free standing screens (V) – for installation of these screens two legs are always necessary, whether flat oval (connected to the screen using a locking bit) or viable stabilising legs (screen is fastened between clamps on these legs). The variable stabilisation leg from cast aluminium have several possible uses according to the specific application – double sided or single sided with cover of the supporting part of the leg. For double sided use, the width of the leg clamp can be adjusted according to the specific screen.


Screen fabrics


  • 100% polyester, 460 g/bm
  • wear resistance BS476 50 000 Martindale
  • resistance to pilling 4+
  • colour fastness 6+

A selection of colours


When ordering screens it is important to state the precise specification – exact dimensions, panel material, frame colour, whether it should be supplied with holders, if free standing – the type of legs, any accessories etc. Every screen (apart from free standing) includes one plastic connection profile for joining two screens in a straight line.


  • The Novum range of metal accessories can be attached to the screens. For the screens the maximum load capacity is 10 kg. If a screen is fitted with a Toolbar, leading brands of universal accessories can be attached.

Standard colour finishes / Metal and plastic surfaces

  • RAL9022 – silver
  • RAL9010 – white
  • RAL9004 – black

Metal profiles are finished with a powder coating.


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