Welcome to paradise!

2019 ZURI Zanzibar hotel resort

Close to Tanzania on the small island of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean, which is primarily famous for the cultivation of spices, you will find a newly designed hotel resort full of wonderful interiors.

The resort is spread over an area of roughly 32 acres on the north-west tip of the island. Here you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and each evening watch an incredible sunset from the pool-side restaurant, or from the terrace of your bungalow. If this is not enough you can sit on the wide steps that cross the entire complex from top to bottom and just relax, have a drink in one of the bars or settle down in one of the hanging chairs in reception.

When looking out over this natural beauty it might not surprise you to learn that the name ZURI means “beautiful” in Swahili.

A tribute to the wonders of Africa

The ZURI Resort is 50 kilometres from the cultural centre and capital of the island, Stone Town, where historically European, Arab and African cultures have mixed.

It is with good reason that the architects of Jestico + Whiles drew inspiration from the rich history of the island, local folklore and the island’s natural beauty. Thanks to their imagination, a remarkable space has been created that is without equal in this region. A vivid range of colours, typical for Africa, mingle with modern European design in a unique combination.


Ing. arch. Dominika Velkoborská
Architect Jestico + Whiles

The architectural and interior design by Jestico + Whiles was inspired by the local culture, environment and locally available materials that we use in interiors and exteriors with an emphasis on observing environmentally friendly principles and support for the local community. The result of connecting modern technologies with traditional Zanzibar culture is a five-star resort with a unique atmosphere which you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Ing. arch. Gabriela Machovská
Architect Jestico + Whiles

The natural environment is intertwined at all levels – in construction, materials (wood roof frame and terraces, coral supporting wall and roof covering from local grasses), in interior details (furniture panels from lotus flowers, locally made recycled paper bead or glass light shades and drawings by local artists), and above all in the gardens that provide privacy to each visitor.

ocean-front luxury villas
restaurants and bars

At the centre of the hotel complex is a grand staircase that links the accommodation areas with the main resort buildings. Reception is located in the upper part, which on your arrival gives you an incredible view of the entire complex. You then just have to head down the steps from the heavens to paradise. It is not a standard reception though. Here you can play pool, read a book or swing on a seat suspended from the roof frame and gaze out over the ocean.

If on your way to the beach you happen to run out of puff, you would soon come across the main restaurant where you could have dinner at a hand crafted table in the shape of a crocodile - the laid tables are illuminated by an original chandelier from the Czech Republic designed specifically for this space. On the way you will also pass, for example, a gazebo for yoga with a unique leather light shade, a spa and several bars. An unusual bar can be found right on the beach. Czech artist David Černý installed a special bar counter here, and you will find it hard to divert your eyes as it is full of African treasures.

Colour code – from concrete to beads, covers and lights

You can stay in one of the many bungalows that offer a cosy abode amongst the wild garden full of spices. The local touch can be seen in many details, such as beads, cosmetics and the choice of plants in the extensive gardens. In each bungalow is an original painting by a local artist.

The Bungalows are painted in three very subtly differing but matching colours – turquoise, pink and orange. This is also reflected, for example, in the seat cushions, the wire lights and even concrete surfaces. The interior is full of bespoke furnishings, light fittings, textiles and complemented by decorative items from international designers.

Africa specialists

We are proud that we can show you another of our successful projects on the African continent. It taught us patience, perseverance, and it honed our logistics capabilities.

Project management above all

We drew lessons from the similar project on the Maldives, which tested all the sills we had learnt to that time. To produce the bespoke interior furnishings we made use of our modern production facility in Hostivař as well as tried and tested suppliers from around the world.  

We delivered and installed fitted and freestanding furniture, exterior and interior light fittings, curtains, net curtains, and monsoon blinds (special protection against wind and rain) as well as the unique Evening Breeze air-conditioning. A significant part of the work and time was devoted to logistics to ensure that everything was delivered on time and nothing was overlooked. We had to plan the optimum route for sea freight and bring everything necessary to site, such as tools, equipment for a local office as well as seemingly small things like coffee, but which are important for the good performance of our team. Everything needs to be packed perfectly and prepared for installation. It is, of course, also necessary to pack a suitable quantity of small spare parts so as to avoid complications on site. We have project management and the management of all suppliers firmly under control thanks to our tried and tested international operations.

Julie Lišková
Project coordinator TECHO

We saved $500 000 thanks to global sourcing and vendor management

The project logistics were very demanding and involved the transport of almost one hundred sea freight containers of goods and the processing of 100 cubic metres of tropical wood. We delivered thousands of lights, hundreds of metres of drapes and kilometres of cord. We were greatly aided by our experience from the Maldives and with our suppliers, who produced the required bespoke products to our requirements. We imported goods from around the world and we had to bring almost everything with us. On Zanzibar even a standard screwdriver is hard to obtain.

of bespoke furniture produced in the czech republic
of free-standing items delivered from europe
of lighting cam from suppliers across the globe

The relentless march of time 

We know how difficult African climate conditions can be. Humidity of up to 95%, salt water, wind and rain are together an extreme test of even the highest-quality materials. We therefore pay great attention to the selection of materials and also take care to ensure a suitable maintenance system is applied, which helps significantly to protect the supplied furnishings. Guarantee repairs are obviously made more difficult by the distance involved, and we therefore try our best to eliminate them from arising.


Selection of materials

Everything starts with materials. Many materials undergo testing before approval for use. The demanding nature of the locality and climate conditions are the key factors.


Maintenance system

The maintenance requirements differ completely to those necessary in Europe. We have drafted a manual that details recommended cleaning products, maintenance intervals and all organised according to type of material so as to increase the service life of the furnishings.



We have developed an application to support correct maintenance. The application provides an overview of furnishings across the resort. A few clicks will give you a list of what needs to be done or where exactly to arrange repair.
Tomáš Příhonský
Project manager TECHO

Asante Zanzibar

Zuri bylo nepochybně největší výzvou mého života. Nejen pracovně, ale i osobně. Od prvního dne na tropickém ostrově se ve mně mísila obava o bezchybný With no doubt this project was the challenge of my life. Not only professionally but also personally . From day one since I arrived to this tropical island I found myself dragged into mixing feelings of anxiety for the success and excitement for the unknown. Also I was aware that everything depends on us, the team of people that day by day , side by side worked relentlessly to make it happened. And finally after 15 months of endless hard working days but also lot of friendship and compromises the dream comes true. As African proverb says "LIFE IS EITHER A DARING ADVENTURE OR NOTHING” I will always be grateful for this opportunity and Zanzibar will stay with me forever. Thanks to all and Karibu.

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