UniCredit Bank

This year we followed up on last year’s successful cooperation in the phased renovation of the UniCredit Bank headquarters, which is part of the leading European group UniCredit for which we are the approved supplier of freestanding and fitted furniture. Over ten floors, a smart office concept for around 1,300 employees is being delivered. In line with the tender brief, the original combination of closed and open offices with fixed workstations is replaced by open space, and fixed workstations are not part of the new concept. 


In the Filadelfie building of Prague’s dominant BB Centrum, a further 3 floors are being finished in the same informal spirit as the already completed 6 floors. The smart office concept creates a large number of diverse spaces with tailor-made furnishings and designed for individual activities such as think tanks, office & meet, or phone booths - separate spaces with upholstered elements reminiscent of train compartments. The Flexi Room is designed for stand-up meetings, where colleagues will find a high desk and a screen for connecting to video calls, while the Work and Play section is ready for colleagues with children. The common heart of the whole office is the Business Lounge, conceived as a spacious living room with a large kitchen and coworking places, where people can easily feel at home and at the same time meet and work. 

Petr Plocek
Director of Identity & Communication Unicredit Bank

UniCredit Bank is a modern and dynamic retail bank focussed on the needs of its clients and employees. The bank focuses on the needs of clients and in parallel uses tools that accelerate the meeting of these needs, as evidenced by the impact on the workplace environment. We are moving in a direction that is suited to the social, technological and economic trends of the 21st century. The new way of working fully meets the current situation and the requirements of our employees, and positively encourages open communication whilst fostering teamwork at our bank. Smart offices will be the path that most companies will adopt, and for our employees it means greater flexibility, but also space for creativity and teamwork.

The material most frequently used in the new UniCredit Bank offices is wood in the form of cladding made of oak veneered boards, which is visible in a large part of the entire space from built-in counters, and meeting rooms to personal lockers, which employees use extensively due to the established corporate clean desk policy. A pleasant simplification is also provided by the system of access cards, where one card opens everything from the entrance to the building to a personal locker. 

In close cooperation with the client and architects we were successful in transforming the banking environment into a pleasant homely living office, which without doubt suits the varied activities of all employees.

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