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Do you do enough for your employees?

Do you ensure that you have happy and loyal employees? If so, maybe you use some of the services offered by Sodexo. Benefits in the form of contributions for meals, free time activities and holidays is one of the favourite methods for motivating and improving the everyday life of employees around the world.

In common with many other firms, Sodexo understands that one of the greatest benefits a firm can today provide its people is a high-quality work environment. In this context the new Smíchov offices of this French company’s Czech branch can stand as an example.

Transform the interior, or move to a new premises?

At one time or another every company has to answer to this question. They must find their own answer as unfortunately there is no universal solution. The issues in play are the specific financial aspects as well as the willingness of employees to commute to a new address. In the case of Sodexo the first option came out on top, primarily thanks to the location of the office right in the centre of Prague.

Since 2007, when Sodexo moved to Smíchov, the firm has grown significantly in terms of people, and the requirements for a high-quality environment have also increased. The office in the Palác Křižík building close to Anděl was thus given a completely new look by the architects. They changed the layout so that more daylight reaches the interior, and room was made for additional employees. The firm occupies a total of four floors of the office building, each floor having its own specific function, individual arrangement and acoustic solution.

Preparations always pay off

It is always a major advantage if a customer has in advance planned out all the processes and flows of people and information around the office space. A good understanding of the needs of employees is the basis for a detailed and thorough project brief. Some customers, as was the case here, approach us with a complete project and participate closely in project implementation, consultation regarding layout and also help with the selection of colour scheme and materials.

The result is a light and airy space with delicate colours in warm shades accompanied by distinctive wood surfaces and many special acoustic items, which contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of the new workplace.

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