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Gastronomic caravan

The silk road – a phenomenon without which the modern world would not be what it is today. For two thousand years it connected East and West. Along its route, not only goods and rare commodities, but also knowledge and ideas were exchanged between individual cultures. This included traditional dishes. The newly opened SILQ restaurant at the PPF Gate headquarters in Prague Dejvice offers its clients authentic dishes inspired by the most impressive regions of the world. We are happy to have furnished a gastronomic establishment that tells thousand-year-old stories.

The artistic design of the unique restaurant, which follows on from the successful Café Sofa concept, was undertaken by the ADR studio headed by Aleš Lapka, and the menu is inspired by a journey around the world. The design of the interior, and the outdoor terrace where guests can sit when the weather is nice, is based on Japanese minimalism. It combines various Japanese aesthetic traditions with modern shapes and technologies. The entire space is dominated by a combination of natural wood and metal, which are complemented by the grey tones of the surface finish of the tables. The space feels very light and pleasant.

Guests can not only enjoy the food itself, but also a view into the kitchen, which is at the heart of the restaurant. They are able to observe the ingredients and the food preparation methods, which gives them a better understanding of individual cuisines whose greatness lies in their simplicity. A special team of chefs was assembled for this restaurant, and the kitchen facilities are also top-notch. To ensure the highest level of authenticity, special preparation tools are available, such as a special pan for making Arabic bread.

The wood-slat ceilings blend in with the wooden chairs and benches. The space as a whole has an elegant and homely feel. Above the tables are suspended two kinds of dimmed lights in the form of lanterns. A dramatic design element is the accent of greenery provided by stylised Sakura blossoms. A flood of pink flowers, which stems from Japan's deep-rooted respect for nature, decorates not only the walls, but also provides a sensitive division between individual parts of the space.

We invite you to a unique culinary experience, so dobrou chuť, Itadakimasu, Gin hai a-roi, bil-hana' wa ash-shifa' or bon appétit all in one place.

* we thank PPF GATE a.s. for the kind provision of photographs 

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