New green offices in Prague

We recently completed a very interesting office interior that we delivered together with the company Tétris. The resulting fresh and modern interior promotes teamwork, and the relaxation zones help to increase employee productivity.

At every step you feel the connection with nature and the effort to make maximum use of sustainable materials. The kitchenette is full of chairs made from solid wood and if they remind you of the swing in the relaxation zone you have an excellent eye. We had them made according to the architect’s design, and they are based on the beautiful Merano chair used in the kitchenettes. In meeting rooms you will find our new Root table with solid wood legs, which matches perfectly with the rest of the interior. If a single-coloured table top seems boring, be inspired by the “football” meeting room. There on an MFC table top we used a special foil to create the impression of a football pitch.


The standard workstations are ergonomically advanced. Alfa Up electrically operated height-adjustable desks enable work both sitting and standing, which is becoming ever more popular with companies these days. They are accompanied by our ever popular Sidiz, chair. Following the architect’s designs we delivered for the most part bespoke furniture in a wood decor, which gives the office a unique appearance.

What was the greatest challenge for us? In order to fulfil every last detail specified by the architects and create a varied and pleasant environment for work, we used not just our own products, but also a range of products from suppliers, which we maintained close control over for the duration of the project installation. We coordinated the entire installation process so that everything arrived at the correct time and installed in perfect quality.


Would you bet that these tables are designer items? Yes? In that case we have bad news for you because you would lose your bet. The architect’s wish was to create a sustainable office, and so these tables are old spools for cables, which have just been cleaned up and treated. It is a beautiful example of finding a new use and function for items that have seemingly had their day.

Gispen a re-use

Our Dutch affiliate, Gispen is expert at recycling old furniture. They developed the sofa Sett CE, which is made completely from old furniture.

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