Longevity Café

2022 Longevity Café

There is generally no treatment for aging, but there are some things we can do. Lifespan is influenced by genetics, the environment and lifestyle. We can’t do much with genetics, and improving the environment is a long-term undertaking, but we can easily change our approach to health on a daily basis. If we want to compete with time and live better and more productively, we have to take care of ourselves. 


HEALTHY LONGEVITY CAFÉ is not an ordinary café. In addition to excellent refreshments, they can also help you slow the rate of aging. They know the recipe for longevity and a team of doctors and experts in nutrition will happily share this with you. First they check the biochemistry of your blood, genetics, epigenetics and food intolerance or microbiome. On the basis of these results, they then propose an individual nutrition regime and series of nutritional supplements.

We like projects that serve the public. We are therefore happy that we could help create this flagship of innovative wellness. What’s more, these cafes should pop up across Europe. Maybe in time they will welcome ever more centenarians!

Healthy energy over two floors 

The opportunity to participate in the interesting job of renovating the building in the courtyard is proof that even competing companies can join forces and together create an interesting space. The future atmosphere of the entire space was created by architects CHYBÍK + KRIŠTOF and we added stylish and often non-standard furnishings.

Longevity has its ceiling, but at Opletalova ulice 28 in Prague you can see through the glass roof to the heavens. Together with high windows, the space is very refreshingly bathed in natural light. Before you enter the café you find yourself in a pleasant garden in the courtyard. The impression of nature is here married with practicality and originality. A significant part of the interior is occupied by round wooden benches that encircle large pant pots. Under these are perforated metal panels that guests can use for placing bags. Floor tiles in blue-green shades have been laid in a special pattern. Even if you decide to sit outside, curiosity will draw your attention to the main café space.

Green oasis

The character of the space is formed by green-painted metal, red accents, lots of wood, recycled materials and loads of plants. The visual spectacle is increase with a glazed gallery on the first floor. The unique style of the interior is emphasised with coloured chairs in orange and pink tones. These are in direct contrast to the tables in natural tones which are made from green painted metal and tops from recycled plastic. Contact with live plants is beneficial for the body and mind. Therefore, you can enjoy greenery each visit, and you will see your energy improve before you finish your coffee.

Stone or plastic?
You can’t tell the difference!

A long bar counter for serving made from wood is located directly opposite the entrance to the café. This attracts attention on entering the space. The designers added environmental appeal and a connection with nature to every element they touched. We also observed this requirement in the magic that we worked. The greatest challenge of the project for us was to devise a way of processing the recycled plastic so that it looked like stone. For a while we felt like ancient alchemists trying to turn led into gold. Even without the philosopher’s stone we learned to cut, drill and shape the plastic – you can judge for yourself how successful we were. The table tops, plant pots and the leading illuminated surface on the large bar counter are all made from this material.

*Photographs by: Alex Shoots Buildings, https://www.alexshootsbuildings.com/

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