In 2020 a unique project was realized at Prague Palmovka in the architecturally interesting modern building DOCK IN THREE, located at the former Liben docks. In close cooperation with our client, LEGO Trading s.r.o., we were able to install a 1600 m2 open-plan office for 105 back-office employees making up the regional team for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Zuzana Michalcová
Senior Project coordinator Ahrend

This project was a challenge for us, in particular with respect to the diversity of the products. A key factor was harmonisation of colours from tens of suppliers so all items matched properly as a unified concept. We therefore had to sometimes agree with suppliers on non-standard fabrics and material.

work space

Challenge accepted

For us, with regard to the importance and reputation of the client, it was a truly historic contract and at the same time a new challenge. Undoubtedly, one of the keys to success was the very beneficial and flexible cooperation between all stakeholders, i.e. us, the CBRE Group project manager, representatives of LEGO Trading and, last but not least, the London firm BDG Architects. We found common ground in the requirements on detail, materials, as well as the processing of the furniture itself, so that everything fits into the required concept.

However, the most fundamental aspect of fulfilling the client's concept was clearly an understanding of the LEGO Group's employee philosophy. It is something that this 90-year-old company places great emphasis on - providing its employees with an appropriate environment where they feel good and where they can be themselves in the best sense of the word. An environment that encourages you to be a proud LEGO employee and that defines a diverse organization that inspires children around the world without distinction. And so, four months after the requirement arose, the implementation itself could begin, which took place over the following fortnight. 

Martina Nováková
Project manager Ahrend

My colleagues will certainly agree if I say that we like to create beautiful interiors, which this one certainly was. From the point of view of implementation, it was a new experience for me and others due to our cooperation with a foreign architect. Communication and modelling took place only remotely via e-mail or by post via CBRE as the contracting body. I am most proud of how we managed to produce a non-standard reception made of Corian® artificial stone, which visually imitates a structure made from giant LEGO® cubes. The project was demanding also thanks to the volume, around 1600 m2 was fitted with standard office furniture, custom-made furniture for the reception, meeting rooms and relaxation zones, including the installation of extensive interior greenery.

Jan Růžička

An important aspect of the project was to incorporate the company's internal values - playfulness, creativity, fun, creativity and quality - into our new premises. When choosing materials and furnishing items, we placed emphasis on ergonomics, quality and sustainability. In addition to the LEGO® theme, we worked with a combination of wood and plants as much as possible. At the same time, we gave preference to Czech suppliers when choosing furnishings. I believe that we succeeded in all the above thanks to the excellent cooperation with representatives of TECHO / Ahrend, who were very good partners during the whole process.

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