Idea Delivery Lab

Idea Delivery Lab (IDL) is a coworking space and its services are conceived so as to support innovation teams whist developing and creating innovations. The aim was to produce a space that enhances creativity, enables varied forms of cooperation, helps maintain the work tempo and, last but not least, creates a community of people and specialists in various fields.

Idea Delivery Lab has been established in an easily accessible part of Prague - Smíchov, and in connection with the innovation consultancy IdeaSense. The interior, designed by architect Luka Križek of IO Studia, is very clean, light and full of plants. At first sight attention is drawn to the trees growing from the desk configurations and the extensive use of natural materials. Bespoke furniture, also designed by IO Studio, is made from birch plywood, and the graphic designs applied to the glass partitions are by Jakuba Sodomky. TECHO supplied seating made from wood and natural wool upholstered furniture in pastel colours.

The entire space has been conceived as a multi-zone arrangement, enabling cooperation between teams and individuals, and facilitating their productivity and work tempo. Dominant features are the specially designed team desks with integrated live trees. An important element of the whole concept are the team offices designed for the joint work of innovation teams and start-ups, which can easily be adjusted and individualised to the company identity of teams. Innovation teams also have the use of a professionally kitted-out laboratory for user tests. Comfortable Focus zones are provided for undisturbed concentration and can also be used for video conferencing and meetings. Sound insulated telephone rooms provide privacy for phone calls and individual video conferences. The Relax zone is a high-quality area comprising a café and self-service zones with high seating and bar stools.

We thank IdeaSense for kindly provising us with photographs.

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