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In healthy colours

The recently completed offices are located in the centre of Prague with a view over Masaryk Station. Almost 3000m2 of predominantly open-plan office is now occupied by around two hundred employees. The overall design of the interior was devised by architectural firm Červený klobouk, which took inspiration from the corporate colours and placed great emphasis on employee comfort and sufficient meeting rooms.

The space perfectly combines minimalism and functionality. The basic white and grey colour scheme are accompanied by a striking green and an attention-grabbing bright red. For the visual division of the space, and improvement of the acoustic conditions, suspended acoustic panels of interesting shapes are used. They also visually disrupt the seemingly endless rows of desks. 

TECHO installation

The best from the Ahrend portfolio

If you are looking for timeless, subtle and very elegant furnishings for a senior manager’s office the Ahrend Mehes range is absolutely ideal.


How many meetings will we have today?

An excellently equipped meeting room with comfortable seating is the basic requirement for any negotiations. The new range of conference chairs Ahrend WELL are a perfect choice for meeting rooms. You can choose from several base and seat options, and they have a very elegant timeless appearance.  

Lock and go

With the advance of digitisation there is a reduction in storage space and also a change in work methods. For the storage of personal belongings employees are being provided with lockers. Boxes of varying sizes with several options for locking, we manufacture most of them on a bespoke basis.

Acoustics are not boring

Acoustic materials do not need to be just simple shapes and forms. These suspended panels serve primarily as an original means of dividing up space, but they also contribute to a damping of noise in open-plan offices.


Can you hear it? No? Then everything is fine.

For many years now, open-plan offices have been the main office trend, although they have undergone significant changes compared to the original austere workbenches in rows. Despite their huge popularity they also have several negative aspects. One of the major ones is noise that reverberates around an open space. It is not unusual to hear colleagues talking from the other side of the office, it’s difficult to concentrate and finding a quiet spot to make phone calls is an everyday challenge. It is not surprising that that the word acoustics has become a modern watchword. And so, in addition to the many variants of suspended panels that help with the damping of scattered sound, we now see phone boxes that provide quiet and peaceful microcosms in the middle of open offices. They are excellently soundproofed and have their own ventilation. Simple versions for 1 person gradually complement even much larger booths, in which you do not have to be afraid to place, for example, an entire meeting room. 

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