A new premium showroom, the CUPRA City Garage, in Paris


CUPRA, the young upstart among car brands  

The Spanish sports-car brand, CUPRA, has opened its eighth premium showroom, CUPRA City Garage, in Paris. You can find it on the famous Boulevard Madeleine and it is CUPRA’s first premium showroom in France. Ahrend was the supplier of original interior furnishings that perfectly reflect the unique brand style. 

Launched in 2018, the CUPRA brand is a division of SEAT. Last year it was the fastest growing brand of the Volkswagen Group, and it has ambitions to become a global brand. 

Premium showrooms in prominent locations 

The CUPRA City Garage premium showrooms are situated in prestigious locations in city centres. You can find the recently opened two-floor Paris showroom on Boulevard Madeleine, which is one of the "grand boulevards" and symbols of the capital. They were built on the site of the original city walls and frame the historic centre of the city. 

The perfect combination of original design and sweet temptation 

The CUPRA City Garage showrooms are characterised by unique design and space, which offer customers an unconventional and unique experience. The opening of the premium showroom in Paris was accompanied by cooperation with Jeffrey Cagnes, who is considered one of the best pastry chefs in France. There is a permanent pastry shop located in the Paris showroom. 

Installation of the interior furnishings within the original building was a challenge 

For the CUPRA Paris showroom, Ahrend provided interior furnishings that were for the most part bespoke, all following the brand design, which is dominated by copper. The brand name CUPRA is derived from "Cup Racing" and at the same time alludes to "Cuprum", i.e. copper. The entire interior was made of high-quality materials which also met the high standards required for fire resistance.

The challenge in the production of furniture was to reconcile the ideal concept of the designers with the irregularities of the historic building.

The space is also dominated by a copper-coloured glass projection screen, through which CUPRA presentations are projected. The entire space has a futuristic feel and reflects the brand's dynamism.


Official showroom opening 

The CUPRA City Garage Showroom in Paris was opened in November 2023, and it was an immediate hit with visitors. Guests could view the CUPRA Tavascan, an electric SUV whose elegance was underlined by its dynamic and futuristic interior.

The Paris CUPRA premium showroom is a great example of combining a functioning car showroom with an attractive and inspirational environment, which reflects the brand values.  

A unique installation in record time 

The installation work for CUPRA City Garage in Paris was a great success. This was the first installation for CUPRA, and Ahrend showed that it was able to adapt to the specific needs of the customer and install high-end furniture for a premium showroom within a challenging four-week schedule.

Eva Čapková
Sales manager Ahrend

"Ahrend was able to participate in the creation of this beautiful space thanks to the trust of Mr. Damien Alias, Network Real Estate Manager from Volkswagen Group France, Mr. Václav Forman, CUPRA Dealer Network Development from SEAT, S.A. and Mrs. Marina Balbás Martínez, Digital Retail Customer Experience Manager from SEAT, S.A.” “ On the Ahrend side, it was project manager Petr Páral, in particular, who contributed to the success of the project. Thanks to him it was possible to overcome all the pitfalls that arose from this complex technical solution."

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