A dog friendly office

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VAFO PRAHA is a successful producer of premium cat and dog food, which it exports to over sixty countries under the brands Brit and Let‘s Bite. This Czech family firm is based in the small town of Chrášťany close to Prague. Here you will find not just a production facility, but also offices for sixty employees. Company owner, Pavel Bouška, decided to breathe new life into these offices.

Creation of a pleasant environment for employees and visitors that reflects the company’s philosophy – this was the brief that Bogle Architects were given at the start. The two-storey building has been designed so that it is not just comfortable for people to work in, but also to accommodate their four-legged friends. Among other things it was therefore necessary to find high-quality and hard-wearing carpets that would stand up to the pets.

When architects like green

Ian Bogle

The use of indoor plants are a calling card of the founder of British firm Bogle Architects. On every project they strive to incorporate trees, bushes and plants where they can.

British Architect, Ian Bogle, graduated from the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow and has experience working for world-renowned firm Foster + Partners, where he was project director on construction of the Bexley Business Academy and 30 St Mary Axe in London, known commonly as the Gherkin, which in 2004 won the prestigious Stirling prize awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Quoted from: Hospodářské noviny

Interior from the floor up 

TECHO was originally approached by the architects and customer to be the main furniture supplier and consultant on interior furnishings. During the initial discussions we were successful in convincing our future partners that we were able to contribute much more towards the implementation of this project. We have an experienced project team and as part of a major international group we are able to guarantee that we can deliver orders of this scale on time. We therefore took on responsibility for the complete fit-out and got down to work.

Apart from the lighting and air-conditioning, we completely fitted-out two floors of office space. Our work started at the moment the shell and core was complete. It was down to us to install the interior walls, floors, sixty workstations, small quiet zones, a canteen and fully fitted kitchen, separate telephone boxes and a large metal staircase.

Nothing second best

When you produce supreme quality pet food you don’t skimp on the ingredients – you select the best. In the same way, when creating an environment for your employees and the presentation of your products the quality should correspond to the quality that you apply to your business approach.

It was the desire of Mr Bouška to fit-out the new company headquarters to a high standard. Functionally it is a standard office corresponding to the modern requirements for ergonomics. However, the quality of materials used exceeds the standard. The office desks are made from solid wood with wood veneer instead of the commonly used laminate, and textiles of a greater weight and durability can be found on the acoustic baffles and the floor covering.

When you walk into the office you can feel the difference at every step. The office is illuminated with natural light, and the ever present natural materials and greenery create an atmosphere that promotes not only improved work and concentration, but also better interpersonal relationships. 

Down to the final detail

Milan Začal
Senior Sales Manager TECHO

When an interior is planned down to the last detail it is necessary to have a good supplier able to deliver everything in the required quality. For large projects, where a large number of sub-suppliers have to be coordinated and everything has to be completed within three months, it is necessary to have logistics planned down to the minute.

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