Technical pedestals

Technical containers with purpose-built equipment and reliable ejection are intelligent office equipment that significantly improves efficiency. They are suitable for workplaces comprising height-adjustable desks and provide storage space. Two versions are available. The first has a single pull-out storage space with two adjustable shelves, and options for additional internal fittings (e.g. pull-out metal frame). The second has two pull-out storage spaces, and the lower one can have an upholstered cushion to act as a seat.


Technical description

  • The technical pedestal is composed of an outer and an internal retractable carcass on hidden quadro sliders and wheels. 
  • All carcasses are made of MFC thickness 18 mm in one colour. 
  • The handle is made of anodized aluminium.

Load of drawers

Type 1 

  • total load capacity 80 kg
Type 2 
  •  upper carcass 15 kg
  • lover carcass 50 kg
  • pulling frame 20 kg
  • the container must be docked (in the floor, wall or in an assembly).

Pedestal equipment

Type 1

  • 2x adjustable shelf
  • 1x carcass lock
  • 1x handle

Type 2

  • 2x drawer lock
  • 1x solid upholstered seat in the bottom drawer
  • 2x handles

Finish of materials used

  • white
  • grey
  • beech
  • wild pear

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