Sliding door cabinet with front running doors

The Ahrend sliding door cabinets are characterised by a sleek design and powerful appearance. Available in a wide range of dimensions, this cabinet is suitable for all kinds of office environments.

  • Storage element that is suitable for open office concepts as space divider and reduce reverberation times
  • The front running doors gives a robust appearance
  • The steel top gives a uniform appearance
  • Perforation with acoustic filling, tested according to ISO 354

Wijtse Rodenburg

Wijtse Rodenburg (1949) studied industrial design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and began working for Ahrend in 1973, as an industrial designer in the design group led by Friso Kramer. He has been an industrial designer for Ahrend Produktiebedrijf Sint-Oedenrode since 1994. Alongside his position as in-house designer for Ahrend, he has been a part-time lecturer in the Man & Activity department of the Design Academy in Eindhoven.



  • Width dimensions 160, 200, and 240 cm.
  • Height dimensions 82, 118, 160 and 195 cm.
  • Cabinets consist of 2 separate cabinet carcases
  • 2 Cabinet Modules are delivered and mounted to a unit
  • Slot on front side door of the frontrunning door


  • Lock with standard Ahrend locking plan, master key to be ordered separately
  • Cabinets adjustable from the inside
  • The doors move along a beautifully integrated rail system.
  • Rail system lacquered in the colour of the cabinet body.
  • Each door has a trap door that ensures a smooth closing of the door
  • Depth 42 cm
  • Left side 48 cm
  • Right Side 44 cm


  • Perforations: Mini (can perform with acoustics)
  • Interior fitted with shelves, pull-out drawers, consult shelf and locking mechanism

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