The double sided Ahrend S50 front panels help create an aesthetically pleasing silent room. The panels provide separate workstations, in addition, the panels also improve the privacy of workers and provide a ‘homey’ atmosphere.

Aside from visual privacy and acoustic experience, the S50 acoustic panels greatly assist in reducing echoing sounds and improve the acoustic environment enabling employees to be more productive.

  • Creates visual privacy in the workplace
  • Acoustic version that reduces disruptive background noises
  • Provides a quiet, homey and attractive appearance
  • Applicable with the Ahrend 500, Team_Up, Four_Two, Portal and Mehes.
  • Double sided panels
  • Easy to install
  • Available in many classic and modern fabric designs

Lieke van Gool

Lieke van Gool was born in 1977. After completing secondary school (Dutch VWO level: pre-university education) she was admitted to the Design Academy in Eindhoven, where she graduated in 2001, specialising in the field of "Man and Activity". She has been employed as a designer at Ahrend Produktiebedrijf Sint-Oedenrode bv since 2004.



  • Applicable to solitary and duo workplaces
  • Chipboard core, lined with Lucius fabric
  • Thickness of 50 mm provided with filling on both sides
  • Five widths: 120, 140, 160, 180, and 200 cm
  • Stature top screen 108 or 118 cm.
  • Acoustic experience
  • Tested for acoustic value in accordance with ISO 354 (2003)
  • The panel extends about 30 cm above the workshop


  • No framework, but 25 mm thick panels
  • Fastening methods: under the worktop, to the frame, to the leg or beam
  • Framework includes polyethylene or open cell foam Flamex
  • Alternative core materials available to increase acoustic properties
  • αw value of the acoustic version >0,8 measured at 2kHz


  • Includes stitching type tensioning seam
  • Acoustic version with open cell foam Flamex
  • Available in various screen fabrics as Event Screen Twist Melange, Moon and Soul
  • Radius of 50 mm as Ahrend Loungescape at the corners
  • Deviating stitching, piping or stitching
  • Fully recyclable

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