This innovative storage system is intended for office buildings, sports centres and schools. The Smart Lockers are made from MFC and metal. They can be ordered in standard dimensions or can beproduced bespoke. The cabinets are connected into configurations and finished with side panels. This creates a unified wall. Several versions of electric lock are available and allow users to control lockers using their own RFID cards or a mobile phone application. Advanced software enables the convenient remove management of all lockers. The electronic locks meet the strictest criteria for placement in public places, including a safety certificate and the ability to open all lockers at once.

Smart Lockers are intended for storing the personal belongings of employees in office buildings, or visitors to sports centres. The lockers are fitted with an electronic lock that enables them to be opened using, for example, a RFID card. The locks can be set in several modes depending on the requirements of the operator.


Electronic locks

The system of smart locks along with the VECOS controlling software use an internet or intranet connection together with a terminal directly on the locker wall. It allows effective control and also helps to minimise costs for office furniture. The locks can also be used in a limited mode without internet connection. Due to its lower price this option is good, for example, for schools. In such the lockers are controlled by a panel on each individual configuration. On the other hand, connection of the locks and their remote administration enables optimum use of the dynamic office environment, flexible response to the storage requirements of employees as well as better plan necessary space requirements for the future. Data shows that up to 70% of space in lockers is used only once in 3 months! With the help of “smart” locks and online reports you can easily create user groups or groups of locks. A typical example is the setting up of access to several lockers on various floors for a number of authorised individuals, e.g. from the accounts department. Thanks to the advanced software you can establish some of the lockers as permanent lockers for employees (Static Locker) and part as dynamic lockers for visitors and temp staff (Dynamic or Hot Locker). The static lockers remain allocated to their users until this authorisation is removed. By contrast, the dynamic lockers must be vacated regularly (e.g. every evening, once a week etc.), which ensures sufficient capacity for other users. The permanent online connection of locks gives users the ability to control locks via smart phones using the application Releezme, which can be downloaded for free. The smart locks can be used with building entry cards, cards for the company canteen or for printers etc. They enable you to administer everything with one employee card. The price of the electronic locks and software is dependent on the given configuration. A quotation can be provided on the basis of a specific enquiry.

MFC Lockers

Are made from standard materials. 18 mm thick laminated chipboard is used in their production. If requested, the colour finish of the doors can be different from the carcass colour. The standard and recommended dimensions of the lockers is a column 1800x470x450mm. The sides of the lockers are designed to accommodate electricity cables. For the lockers it is necessary to order a 200mm high plinth with a width depending on the configuration width. The plinth has levelling screws that enable compensation for unevenness in the floor. It is also necessary to order facing panels for the sides and top of the configuration. The facing panel can be 18 or 36mm thick. The VECOS electric lock is fitted to the configuration during manufacture. The panel, connection of cables and installation of software takes place during installation on site. Colour decor options for carcass, doors, plinth and cladding.

  • LTD white – W980 ST15
  • LTD grey – U1188
  • LTD beech – BK358
  • LTD wild pear – R5413
  • Other decors – individual quotation.

Metal Lockers

Carcasses of metal lockers are produced from 0.8 mm steel sheet. The doors are made double thickness and fitted with a stop to prevent forced opening of the door. The side can accommodate cables. As standard the plinth is fitted with levelling screws so the lockers can be levelled on an uneven floor. If requested, the colour finish of the doors can be different from the carcass colour. The standard and recommended dimensions of the lockers is a column 1941x470x450mm. It is also necessary to order left and right side panels, which are 25mm thick. A cover can also be ordered that seals off part of the storage space, which can be used for electrical installations. The VECOS electric lock together with panel, connection of cables and installation of software takes place during final installation of the locker.Colour options for carcass, doors, plinth and cladding.

  • RAL9004 – black
  • RAL9007 – gunmetal
  • RAL9010 – white
  • RAL9022 – silver
  • Other colours – individual quotation

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