Hygiene station

TECHO has always strived to create healthy workplaces, and this expertise is now focussed on helping companies return to work in Covid-safe offices.

We offer a whole range of immediate solutions for existing workplaces, including protective acrylic screen extensions, acrylic workplace dividers and hand sanitation points. We can also advise on a range of other effective measures. We are ready to help clients achieve long-term solutions with new lay-outs and methods of office operation. 

From the various reports and studies, it is clear that hand sanitation plays an important role in prevention of transmission of viruses. Hygiene stations are an elegant solution for private and commercial interiors. They can be used to ensure people in reception areas, showrooms, offices and other common areas have clean hands. The stand can hold hand sanitiser dispensers along with paper towel dispensers and a bin.

As standard the stand is supplied without dispensers/attachments. 

Standard materials and colours


Technical description

  • Material – laminated chipboard, plexiglass
  • Standard finish – white with grey base. At the top is a plexiglass screen that a personalised sticker can be applied to 

Main advantage

  • Value for money
  • Suitable for any interior
  • It can be supplied without dispensers and mountings, which can be sourced separately
  • Can be used from both sides
  • Does not require power connection
  • Easy to move


  • Mobile “hygiene stations” can be fitted with an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser, and dispensers for disposable gloves and hand towels. The stand includes an easy to remove bin to ensure safe disposal of used paper towels/gloves etc.
  • This station is ideal for reception zones, and anywhere in open-plan offices.

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