Embraces with its arms

Huggi is the creative innovation of David Fox, A total modular seating system comprising of high and low backs, and semi-private booths.

“The design journey of Huggi began with linking seating that divided corporate spaces, the aim to have a low and high backed option, to make different shapes with the units to the needs of the user or interior designer. The wing idea was to give the person sitting there privacy but also offer a visual gap, so it doesn’t look so heavy. Huggi looks great with Hendrix lounge as the wing details complement each other, for Orgatec 2016 we progressed Huggi into an acoustic pod, it really works well and dampens the sound in a very busy public space or office” says David Fox

Huggi is the ideal product for the modern working environments where personal touchdown spaces and informal meeting areas are the norm. The high back option is about the embrace of the people sitting with in the product, how a mother offers her arms and hands to embrace a child, the upholstered wings are significant of these hands, also offering a purpose, by shielding the user, giving them elements of privacy and some acoustic benefit. Huggi can be used to divide a breakout space, linked together, make an l shape or U section. The booth has acoustically sound working benefits for meetings, or video conferencing.


David Fox

David Fox Design is a UK based Industrial and Product design consultancy. Since establishing the business in 2002, David has worked with an international client list, and has won many prestigious design awards.

His philosophy and work ethic promote elegance and refinement. His well balanced, innovatively detailed, simplistic forms give his work a timeless aesthetic.

“The simpler an object is, the less you have to dislike over a period of time. If you use the example of a table or chair, you see or interact with it on a daily basis for a number of years. As an object this has to be something that offers long term visual harmony.”


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