Aura Light

A funny ambiance

Aura Light is the unique choice for office and contract solutions where waiting lounges, management offices and all seating needs are solved by one single type of design, completed by colorful upholstery. The stool is offering an added value for comfortable waiting. All angles and details of Aura&Aura Light collection are saved in this light version so we have reached a continuous comfort. Spread Aura light all around and enjoy the colorful and funny ambiance.

This particular armchair allows to make modular combinations or to use as a single module for contract projects, according to the desired dimension to solve the modularity. There is no limit to the compositions; modules can be added ad infinitum. The ergonomics of Aura Light is due to the smoothness of its shapes and materials used. The concept of Aura Light even allows for different combinations of upholstery and colour schemes in the same sofa.


studio deberenn

The design studio of deberenn is a group of architects leaded by Mustafa Kadioglu, the owner of the company. The studio members are used to work together over the last 20 years. Mustafa Kadioglu, architect and head designer of studio deberenn, created this studio on 2008 and the group meets every 3 months to check and discuss the market needs, the design attitudes and also deberenn’s production and design strategies.


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