Ahrend Aero

The Ahrend Aero table comes into its own in every type of work environment. From homely to agile work environments; this table serves as the perfect place for scrum teams or brief meetings. Therefore the table is ideal for collaborative meetings, whether sitting or standing. The recessed A-shaped table legs provide full leg freedom and give the table a casual yet chic look.

Casual chic design

  • Intelligent table range for informal meetings and Collaborative Working
  • The recessed A-shaped table legs offer ample leg room and give the table an informal and chic look
  • Very stable construction that allows big spans
Create your own look and feel

  • Unique rotatable leg design available in wood or steel
  • Oak table legs create a homely feel
  • The Ahrend Puk offers wireless charging of smartphones with charging points for notebooks and tablets (also possible with the Ahrend Smart Working App)
Healthy and productive

  • Ahrend Aero makes healthy and productive working possible in 2 ways – via the lower table top for sitting or the higher table top for standing meetings
  • Sustainable production
  • Wide range of high tables for scrum teams
  • GIO recognition (Good Industrial Design)


Marck Haans

Marck Haans was born in 1962. From 1982 to 1988 he studied at the Royal Academy of Art and Design in Den Bosch. Immediately after that, he followed a course at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

In 1989 he started as a designer at Brabantia where he designed various products for the consumer market. In 1994 he switched to contract furniture and various other projects, he has since 2010 been employed by Ahrend production St. Oedenrode.



  • Various depth dimensions up to 160 cm
  • Various width dimensions up to 520 cm
  • Surrounded support rectangular steel sheet frame, with 600 mm overhang on table tops
  • Table top of 22 mm Monotop with laser-cut edges
  • 12 mm Ciranol (HPL) in various finishes
  • Tables equipped with main table tops
  • Option of positioning table legs either straight or angled at 45 degrees
  • Table legs and frame in standard Ahrend lacquer colours


  • Sitting height of 75 cm and fixed standing height of 110 cm
  • Rectangular steel tube legs attached to the frame
  • 2 depths for - 80 cm or 100+ cm
  • Rotatable Rotated table legs as standard on standing height tables
  • Steel leg with adjustable foot and facility to integrate cables
  • Wooden feet with felt glides


  • Tables available in stand height
  • Wooden frame in matt oak
  • 12 mm Ciranol (HPL) in various finishes
  • Plug & play via complete cable-management
  • Integrated LED table lamp with shade available in 3 colours
  • Dividing elements for more privacy

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