We are helping to make a dream come true. With glass.

We have always believed that investment into quality design will translate into long-term customer satisfaction. We now know it can do much more. We recently acquired 50 sets of carafe glasses designed by architect Eva Jiřičná, made by the Czech company Crystalex, and with packaging from the equally famous Najbrt studio. We are happy to have supported not only the beautiful design, but also the Kapka naděje foundation, for which the original design was created. The contribution will help the treatment of seriously ill children with hematopoietic disorders, cancer and those whose condition requires a bone marrow transplant. In the words of Eva Jiřičná: “Every small contribution is a necessary part of a dream come true.” We are of the same opinion. We will use the sets as gifts for our clients, and we are sure they will be well received. 

Ahrend (then under the name TECHO) first worked with the first lady of Czech architecture, Eva Jiřičná, in 1997 when we delivered interiors for the Prague Dancing House. We have met many times since then and it has always been an enriching experience for us. 

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