In the heart of the Tyrolian Alps, and yet still in Prague Hostivař


The company Organoid Technologies, located in the heart of the Tyrolian Alps in Austria, just a short distance from the majestic Wildspitze mountain, is today known as one of the most innovative processors of natural, and in particular waste materials. During its decade of existence, it has received many awards for innovation, from design awards such as the Red Dot Design, to awards for innovation in materials and the prestigious designation Climate Neutral. For the team from the headwaters of the river Innu, the environment is key to their operations, and the business is powered by electricity from the nearby hydroelectric power station.

Organoid natural surfaces have something unique in them - not only do they catch your eye with their natural beauty, but they also engage your sense of smell, touch, and start emotions, reminding you of moments you have experienced at some time - relax on a blooming fragrant meadow, sit on a soft mossy forest carpet, a delicious morning coffee,…

The magic formula

How has the team around the two founders (in the photo on the left), owners and visionaries, Martin Jehart and Christoph Egger achieved this? Individual natural materials obtained either from the mountains as hand cut and dried hay from areas where machines cannot reach (1700 m and higher), or rose petals, vanilla pods, mosses, lichens, coffee beans and a further 800 different natural materials, mostly from post-production or "waste", are pressed into a thin layer on various substrate materials using pressure, heat and a natural-based binder. Natural products retain their purity, aroma, structure, visibility without added aromas and dyes.

Where can you use Organoid natural surfaces, and who can work with them? The individual base materials make it possible to use Organoid as wallpaper, floor covering, for furniture, boards, packaging materials. The stock offer also includes acoustic solutions and panels, self-adhesive foils, some even translucent for working with natural or artificial light to create unusual effects. Therefore, a wide range of professions can work with them - architects, designers, furniture companies, lighting companies, acoustics, decorators, as well as end customers and many others.

They can choose from a stock selection of natural materials on various media. In many cases, a special surface is created according to the customer's wishes – incorporating a favourite plant, smell, colour, structure. Natural products can be mixed, modified, crushed, shortened and arranged in various proportions, the transmission of light through them can be determined. Waste biological material of companies, leaves, as well as flowers from your garden can be used....

People who suffer from allergies do not have to worry about the interior surfaces - Organoid surfaces have been tested and evaluated as hypoallergenic.

As the people working at Organoid say - the goal is to bridge the gap between people - civilization - and nature. After all, nature itself is the best designer, doctor and friend in one.

We transported a piece of mountain landscape into our showroom

When we first met with the firm Organoid, we were blown away and decided that we had to put in our showroom at least a small sample of what can be achieved with their natural materials. And if you think it's nothing for offices, you're wrong. Their hand-mown mountain hay wallpapers complemented by petals will make your meeting room a natural oasis and awaken all your senses.

Visit our showroom and we will be happy to show you these natural products and transport you for a while from Hostivař in Prague to the middle of the mountains. You can experience the natural arma first hand, and also draw other inspiration from us. Please make an appointment with one of our sales team in advance. We look forward to seeing you. 

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