The Planet. Your private universe.

At our showroom you can try out the latest solution for providing privacy in busy environments. Made by the firm MZPA, it ideal for use in coworking centres, busy open-plan offices as well as outdoor space, sports centres and public parks.

We all sometimes need space just for ourselves

Whenever the surrounding bustle prevents concentration on work or brief relaxation you will appreciate this clever design that enables you to completely shut out the world around you.

The Planet is able for a while to act as your personal office or even a private relaxation zone. It is ideal for those moments when you need to collect your thoughts during a busy day, and for those times when you just want to jump off the merry-go-round for a few minutes to enjoy a well-earned cup of coffee.

When designing The Planet, the designers looked at all options and came up with a range of accessories for work and relaxation. Ergonomic mattress, pockets, LED lamp, solar panel, USB connection and an audio system give The Planet an uncompromising combination of workstation and relaxation corner suitable for any environment.

The Planet. Original solution for your privacy

Producer: MZPA

Material: refined plywood with a protective oil and wax-based coating; metal with a powder coating.

Supplied as standard: 4 legs, 30 metal connectors, 51 wood triangular segments, metal triangular facing, connection parts, LED lamp, fabric mattress

Dimensions of assembled product: height: 1.7 m, diameter: 1.4 m, weight: 120 kg

Delivery packaging: 6 boxes, each weighing 25 kg.

Would you like to try out The Planet personally? We would be happy to welcome you to our Prague showroom. Before setting out please agree a meeting with one of our salesmen who will be able to look after you during your visit. We look forward to seeing you.


Milan Začal
Senior Sales Manager


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