The Workplace of The Future: Well-being and Sustainability in the Work Environment

On Thursday 24th October 2019 a small seminar took place at our showroom organised in cooperation with The Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce (NCCC) and CBRE. The theme follows on from this year’s TechoCon and was devoted to the future of the workplace environment. The path to the workplace of the future appears to be paved with efforts to ensure satisfied and productive employees, offices full of modern technologies, smart solutions – all with an eye on being environmentally friendly.

The speakers were Filip Muška of CBRE and Šimon Opekar of TECHO. The afternoon was concluded with a tour around our showroom and adjacent production facility.

Where will you work from tomorrow?

As you will have noticed, this theme is being discussed all around us. We spend ever more time at work and so offices need to adapt to the new requirements of users. The generation of millennials now entering the workplace are having a major influence. Over the next few years they will become the largest group of people of productive age. Their desire for freedom and flexibility is not applied just to their personal lives, but is also reflected in the workplace environment.

The office environment has in the past few years has changed significantly. Many firms are transforming the standard office into a place where employees feel comfortable. A place where people can work together, be proactive and productive, but also relax or exercise. An important role is played here by modern technologies that are speeding up the whole process. Technology can represent an opportunity for us all, but it must be used in a meaningful way. The collection and analysis of data is only beneficial if you know how to work with it to arrive at a new and effective solution. For example, in large offices today it is not unusual to book a meeting room or perhaps a parking place via an application of your phone, perhaps from home whilst enjoying your morning coffee.

Where will you work from in 2030?

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