TECHO ART COLLECTION 2023 and Jiří Černický

With Advent approaching, our Techo Art Collection will receive its twenty-eighth addition with a limited-edition print, complemented by a T-shirt with an original art print. These have been created by artist Jiří Černický.

The art T-shirts were originally created as an idea to complement the Techo Art print collection, so that an original work of art by the same artist could be available to a wider group of admirers.

The first print was created in 1996 by Karel Chaba using the technique of coloured drypoint. He launched the tradition of the limited-edition Techo Art Collection, which later included T-shirts with original art prints. Over more than a quarter of a century, the collection has featured numerous distinguished artists including Oldřich Kulhánek, Michael Rittstein, Jiří Načeradský, Theodor Pištěk, Jiří Sopko, Jiří Georg Dokoupil, Krištof Kintera and many others.

We have always tried to connect our activities with the world of art as it provides us valuable inspiration and further energy for our work. The traditional Techo Art Collection is a good example of this. It highlights beauty, precision, perseverance, but also respect for the cooperation between art and craftsmanship.

If you are one of our partners and customers, you can look forward to an original T-shirt or print, just like every year.

Jiří Černický
This year's Techo Art Collection artist

“Many people might consider it a cliché, but life itself is my muse, the very essence of it. There's hardly anything that doesn't spark my creativity. It's true. That's why my art is so eclectic and multifaceted.”

Take a look at the whole collection.

Catalogue Techo Art Collection


Jiří Černický 


Jiří Černický is a renowned Czech visual artist known for his experimental, intermedial projects. He is a graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (1993) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1997). In the years 2010 to 2023, he was senior lecturer at the Painting Studio (Studio of Creative Art II) at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. In 2021, he was appointed professor at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He has received numerous awards, for example the Soros Award (1996), Jindřich Chalupecký Award (1998), nomination for the Alice Award in the category interdisciplinary art (2012), and the main prize of the Graphic of the Year 2020. The works of Jiří Černický are present in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague, the Prague City Gallery, and also galleries in Austria, France, and the USA.


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