Students welcome

In March, Ahrend welcomed 4th and 5th year students of the Wood Processing and Biomaterials Department of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences of the ČZU in Prague. We presented to them the company history, gave them a tour of the showroom and then gave them a look behind the scenes at the existing and planned new production facilities. 

It is our intention, among other things, to arouse an interest among the students in an environmentally friendly approach to nature, something which is close to us.

Student tours at Ahrend have a long tradition. We have previously welcomed, for example, students of architecture from the Czech Technical University in Prague, and from the private design school, Intermezzo.

The future graduates can thus see the production process and also gain insight into product development and related strategies. If they are interested in working at Ahrend, we will be happy to see them here regularly. With the new production, we will have several positions open that they might be interested in!


Dušan Maleček
Project manager

If your school would be interested to arrange a visit, please contact me at: +420 734 788 592

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