Tours for future architects and designers

We have been organising tours for a long time at TECHO. We regularly receive visits from architecture students of the Prague Technical University, from the Intermezzo private school of interior design, and others. During a tour students are given a feel for product development, product strategies as well as the production process. The tour of our showroom is always very popular with its display of model workplaces and the overall concept of the office space in which we work. Future architects can gain first-hand experience of how to communicate with customers or how to set up a successful presentation, how to listen to potential clients and create offices that will satisfy those working in them.

Irena Stupková
Marketing manager

Our aim is to present a fully functioning business in its entirety to high school and university students– i.e. the production process from materials processing to design, as well as the commercial side of the company. An integral part of this is educating the students to think in an environmentally friendly way, which is natural to us at TECHO. We want the students to remember us as an inspiring company that maybe in the future they would like to work with or for

Students from abroad are attracted to a Czech company that has fulfilled the American dream

A few years ago we joined up with the company International Study Programs, which organises short-term study programmes around the world for universities. As part of this programme students gain experience in the area of international trade, and an idea of how companies operate in the given region. For foreign students TECHO is an inspiring case study of a traditional Czech company that has expanded into other countries of the region, and other continents, and is also part of a large foreign group. The development of the firm, which started in a garage in Prague 6 and now occupies a large site here in Hostivař and is also part of an international group active across the globe, has been compared by several of the students to fulfilment of the “American dream”. 

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