Czech Architecture Yearbook 2017/2018

On Thursday 4.4.2018 at the Water Tower in Prague Letna the Czech Architecture Yearbook was launched. This year’s review was edited by architect Luděk Rýzner from OK PLAN ARCHITECTS.

A healthy dose of common sense should always be present in our work

The aim of the Czech Architecture Yearbook (now in its nineteenth edition) is to regularly provide a report on the current situation and development in the field, not only to professionals, but primarily to the general public and in doing so provide inspiration and impulse for public debate.

For those interested from abroad the yearbook gives an overview of the current Czech architecture scene. The selection for publication is always performed by one practicing architect from work submitted by renowned architects and after visiting the buildings.

The book comprises three chapters. The main and first of them covers 33 selected and diverse buildings with commentary and description. The chapter Opinion gives room to Michal Sedláček, director of the Brno City Architect’s Office. The third chapter, Factual Review, looks at events in the branch, awards won, statistical reviews and results of selected nationwide competitions and competitions co-organised by the Czech Chamber of Architects. The Factual Review chapter ends with a list of recommended literature and films.

* source: annotation to the Czech Architecture Yearbook

TECHO is a long-term partner of the Prostor foundation, which is behind the yearbook. We are very happy to be associated with this publication and already look forward to the next yearbook.  

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