Czech Architecture Yearbook 2020-2021

On Wednesday 1.6.2022 the anthology, the Czech Architecture Yearbook, was launched and is available from selected bookshops.

For many years we have been a proud partner of the Prostor foundation, which publishes the yearbook and we can’t wait now for next year’s edition.

The Czech Architecture Yearbook annually informs the public about the situation in the field, and provides stimuli and inspiration. For those interested from abroad, the yearbook serves as a brief overview of the contemporary Czech architectural scene. The selection of 32 buildings was made by architect Pavla Melková, who also supplemented the published realizations with comments and an introductory text. The editor presents readers with typologically diverse works and her perspective on contemporary work under the title "Architecture of care". In the next chapter, Olga Myslivečková talks with architect and Prague councillor Petr Hlaváček about Prague planning, housing, transport and brownfields. The last chapter provides an overview of events in the field, profiles of award receiving personalities, results of selected national competitions, published and recommended books, periodicals and films.

Publisher: Prostor – architektura, interiér, design, o. p. s.  

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