Techo Fount – a new collection of desks with soul

Minimalistic design crowned by a timeless and sober elegance – this characterises the Techo Fount desk range. 

Beautiful and with soul. It offers many faces and emphasizes innovative multifunctionality. The collection features a degree of modularity that ensures that the Techo Fount desks can adapt to any space, as well as to the specific needs of an individual. These desks will serve well not only in the home office, but also if you want a workspace that emphasises privacy, or, conversely, a version suitable for creative teamwork. The new configurations are based on an innovative and stable frame construction, functional legs and a practical “floating” desktop. Thanks to this, the new collection meets the most demanding requirements for modern office furniture and, at the same time, the ever-increasing needs of clients who want to tailor their workplace to their exact needs. Most of the desks in this range are available as solo, duo or bench configurations, as well as formats for conference tables. 

Stability – feet firmly planted 

At the current time we offer eight leg options, from the traditional to distinctive modern design. You can also choose between materials – wood or metal, or a combination of both. The metal legs are available in several colour finishes. The wood version is made from solid ash. Regarding shapes, there’s a version from bent circular tubing, square-section legs and an ”O” shaped leg. All leg versions come with levelling feet to compensate for any unevenness in the floor. 


Generous work surfaces 

We offer a limitless number of combinations. The desktops too are available in various sizes, shapes and finishes. You can select from austere straight legs or rounded more organic shapes. We also offer dedicated accessories, such as cable management components and a monitor holder.  Screens are also available that can be fitted to solo, duo and bench desk configurations to provide privacy, and an improved acoustic environment. The panels have smartly rounded corners and you can choose from a range of fabric colours or felt material.

On the sustainability wave 

Techo Fount meets current standards in the area of sustainability. Thanks to a reduced quantity of components, and an innovative design, the desks are easy to (dis)assemble. The individual components fit together in a very intuitive way. For example, the desktops are fitted with a special patented Quickfix system. 

The new Techo Fount range has its legs firmly on the ground, but with its modern concept it is set to take off. Take a look at the new products here and select your favourite item.

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