Masters of the white tracks

The cross-country skiing race “Jizerská padesátka” has taken place every year since 1968, making this year’s event the 52nd. The course follows the Jizera Artery, with the main race being 50 km using the classic technique. Over the years additional races have been added – 25 km classic technique, 30 km freestyle, race for youngsters and, last but not least, the 4×3 km company relay.

Last year our colleagues Honza, David, Klaudia and Julie competed in the company relay for the first time, and for some of them it was the first time on cross-country skis for many years. However, their enthusiasm for cross-country skiing remained and so this year the TECHO team entered the company relay again, and in addition Honza and David also participated in the main 50 km race.

They left nothing to chance and therefore training formed an important part of their winter. They honed their technique, improved their fitness, and they also fell over, cursed, had fun… but above all they spent time together on the white tracks in the snow-laden Jizera Mountains. It all culminated at the weekend; on Saturday the TECHO team successfully completed the company relay, and on Sunday David and Honza competed individually in the 50 km race.

We thank and congratulate the TECHO team for representing the company so well and we hope that next year will again be blue sky and white tracks!

Jan Mergl
Sales director TECHO CZ a PL

The impossible became reality

Last year I stood on cross-country skis for the first time in many years, which made it all the more of a challenge for me. The training was excellent – we had a lot of fun. The race itself was a great experience and I am very happy that we took part. Now I can’t wait until next year’s race!

David Kovalovský
Sales manager TECHO PL

Despite the unfavourable weather we did it!

This year we trained much more intensively than last year, so the Jizera Mountains were almost like home to us. The race was full of emotion, fantastically organised, and with a wonderful atmosphere, but unfortunately the weather was shocking. In the end we overcame the weather and reached the finishing line – we were elated at overcoming the challenges.

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