Home office. How to arrange your home workplace.

What can we expect?

According to the latest studies remote working takes various forms and is one of the most significant trends that will shape the workplace environment in the coming years.

We are already witness to a situation where company owners are striving to save money by reducing leased office space. For some of their employees it means that they will be spending much more time working from home. This will not work, however, without the active support of employers who should invest some of the saved money into good-quality furnishings for the home office. We will probably see table football games disappear from the relaxation zones of large offices to be replaced by benefits such as contributions to furnishing home workplaces.

The theme of a healthy workplace environment is therefore extending from reception zones and open-plan offices to include our living rooms, bedrooms and guestrooms.

Ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable desks and an external monitor. The basic ingredients needed to transform an attic or guest room into an almost ideal workplace environment.


A good quality task chair is a necessity for work, whether in the office or at home. Maybe over the past few weeks you have already had the opportunity to learn that a dining room chair gives you backache and that from a rocking chair you can watch television, but you can’t properly type on a PC keyboard.

A good chair will support your back and arms, and also enable body movements. A synchronous mechanism should thus be part of every chair on which you intend to spend several hours a day.


The chair has height-adjustable armrests that also move backwards and forwards with the recline of the backrest. Backrest tension is also synchronised with body weight. Thanks to this it adjusts to suit any user regardless of stature and physique.  

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Humanscale World

Designer Niels Diffrient created a truly minimalist yet fully functional task chair. The design eliminates the necessity for standard adjustment mechanisms and instead relies on body weight and the laws of physics to perfectly and automatically adjust recline support for each individual.

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Ahrend 2020

Clean lines and maximum seating comfort. The Ahrend 2020 has a timeless design and durable construction that meets the most demanding requirements for ergonomics. Thanks to intuitive adjustment it takes just a moment to set the correct seating position.

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Height-adjustable desks

The most valuable advice that any ergonomics expert can give is to alternate between siting and standing at work. We are used to sitting in the office, in a cafe or at a meeting. At home too we often forget to move around enough. This damages our health.

The optimum solution for working at home is a height adjustable desk. This contributes to improving blood circulation as well as concentration and creativity.

Alternating between sitting and standing when working promotes good health and improves creativity and work productivity. Studies show that 71% of employees feel healthier and 46% of them more productive.

Ahrend Balance

Ahrend Balance has an elegant and stable design, and makes clever use of innovative elements. You will appreciate its flexibility as a workstation on a daily basis.

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Alfa Up is a practical work desk with height-adjustable legs and a synchronous lifting mechanism, which enables working in both sitting and standing positions.

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Practical details

Smart accessories help create the perfect home workplace. Eliminate backache, your eyes will not be so fatigued and don’t waste so much time hunting for stationery and documents.

Ergonomic monitor arm

The M2.1 monitor arm improves comfort, wellbeing and productivity. It is fully compatible with fixed and height-adjustable desks. Ideal for light monitors up to 7 kg.

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Desk lamp

The Humanscale Element Disc is an innovative adjustable LED desk lamp – an ideal addition to your home office. It has 7 brightness levels, which can be set at the touch of a button. An automatic sensor turns the light on or off depending on your presence.



Root low seating and storage space accompanies our range of conference tables and desks, so you can coordinate your interior with individual matching products.

Root collection

Storage space

We all need a small amount of storage space when working – for pens, stapler etc. Your desk will then have a clear surface and is easier to clean.

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Everything for your home office

If you want to provide your employees with a high-quality home working environment, you will find everything you need in our catalogue. 


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