Path is the world’s most sustainable task chair

On the international scale this chair can boast the title “most sustainable”. It is unique in many respects. Like a chameleon in the jungle, it adapts to any environment. In short, it is an example of minimalist and environmental design with an emphasis on human ergonomics. Meet the PATH task chair, unless you were already lucky enough to see it at the Slavia Rowing Club on 14 September 2023.   

As the embodiment of the laws of physics, the sustainable Path chair is presented to the public

It was here that our partner, leader in office ergonomics Humanscale, allowed the Czech public to view this modern chair at first hand. A number of designers, architects and design aficionados were present at the gathering. During the evening, they had the unique chance to meet designer Todd Bracher, who breathed life into this unique piece, via vid. conf. from New York.

In total harmony

Path is already a legend. It would be a mistake to think that it is only at home in the office environment. Path can fit in anywhere. It is not standoffish – its adaptability rests on the fact that it respects each environment and can live in harmony with it. It has this the same approach to the human body. The innovative approach of Path is reflected above all in the simple method of adjustment. Most chairs need to be carefully adjusted using various levers or knobs before use to suit your body; this is not the route taken by Path. By applying the laws of physics, it adapts automatically to 95% of all body types, thus emphasising a healthy approach to sitting. The chair benefits from the patented Gravity Mechanism™, which responds precisely to a given body weight, and is activated at the precise moment you sit on the chair.


The path to sustainability 

The designers paid similar attention to the cover fabric - FormSense Eco Knit™. It is a mesh-like textile that provides self-adjusted lumbar support. The fabric is made 100% from recycled polyester yarn from plastic beverage bottles and old fishing nets that wash up from the sea. Each stitch is individually controlled and the surface of the fabric is woven directly into the desired shape, resulting in no waste. Thanks to this Path was awarded the Living Product certificate from ILFI, which means the product is “climate positive”, i.e. that it gives back more than it takes. Path is thus a better route to a healthy environment. Specifically, its production removes ten kilograms of recycled plastics from the environment


Todd Bracher
Path Designer

"Path was designed from the inside out, starting with perfecting the sit experience, informing all following design decisions."



Ahrend již mnoho let značku Humanscale na českém trhu zastupuje. V případě zájmu o objednání nás neváhejte kontaktovat. 


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