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In the unexpected situation in which they currently find themselves, most companies are trying to quickly find answers to new questions. What is it necessary to do to protect the health of employees? How do you create a long-term workplace environment that will comply with the stricter requirements for hygiene and the new organisation of work? Which steps should be taken first?

TECHO, one of the leading European suppliers of commercial interiors, offers a helping hand. Under the title Healthy Workplace we have summarised our experience, products and services that will help you quickly come to terms with the current situation and prepare your office for the challenges that we jointly expect to face in the coming months and years.

Space & operation

How can safety be increased in common areas such as reception and relax zones where there is the greatest risk of spreading a potential infection?

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Materials & maintenance

Below are our initial ideas of how, for minimum cost, to increase the hygiene standard of your existing office furnishings.

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Protection & ergonomics

Some simple solutions to reduce the greatest risks and protect employees at counters and in open plan offices.

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New challenges for your existing office

Modularity & Safety

The main trend that we see today in the offices of large firms across all fields is general support for cooperation. Companies set up internal teams for individual projects, which include external specialists; many people in firms don’t have their own workstation and connect with project teams from their home-office.

Architects and designers are therefore intensively engaged in the issue of interior elements that can flexibly respond to changing requirements. A solution to this is the use of multifunctional modular systems that can quickly change from a closed zone for a two-person meeting to a phone booth or a larger group workplace.

The main advantage of these systems, apart from sound insulation, is their ability to cut down the movement of people in common areas and limit the opportunity for transmission of viral infections.

The versatile system Ahrend Loungescape was created for new methods of working. From 123 modules, reminiscent of a LEGO set, it is easy to compose a space according to your requirements – waiting room, quiet zone or workplace for two people. Each element can be upholstered in a different fabric, and the system thus offers limitless options for combining colours and layout arrangements.

Our Diverse system of partitions can also divide up space quickly. They are free standing and can be placed in large halls or open-plan office space. 

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Smart storage systems

Users manage the cabinets through a smart-phone application.

People are increasingly arranging for parcels to be delivered to their work address. This increases the movement of external people in firms, which has associated health risks. A solution to this comes in the form of cabinets fitted with “smart” locks. Online administration makes it easy to create user groups or groups of locks. Advanced functions allow use for the delivery of packages direct to the personal cabinets of employees.

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Materials & maintenance

In recent years we have noted a significant shift in the development of all types of material. New products are much more durable, diverse in style and they can stand up to the demands of operation with strict hygiene conditions.

To a greater degree we will soon be welcoming new furniture made from these advanced materials into our workplaces. However, you don’t have to wait to improve the safety of your workplace – that can be done now. We can adjust your existing office furnishings, making it easier to maintain and reducing health risks.

Upholstered chairs and screens

Have you recently invested in the purchase of good-quality office chairs, screens and upholstered pedestals and you are wondering how to comply with the increased demands for care? One option is new upholstery using easy to clean fabrics.

Products from the firm Camira offer all the advantages of vinyl material and enable a wide range of design solutions. Camira Manila has a pleasing textile appearance, whilst Camira Vita has a polished leather look. Both materials are available in a selection of attractive colours and they provide maximum protection, even in very busy workplaces such as services and healthcare.

Vinyl materials do not include softeners or heavy metals and can be cleaned without damage using standard alcohol-based disinfection products.

New cover for your old furniture

A quick and affordable way to improve the hygiene parameters for your existing furniture. Contact our customer service and they will be happy to agree individual conditions with you.


Surfaces with healthcare certification

Detail produced from HPL Compact.

For most of our furniture we use standard laminate, which is easy to keep clean and will not be damaged by alcohol-based products.

In places with high requirements for durability, long service life, hygiene and aesthetic standard for material we recommend the use of high-pressure laminates with a homogenous core covered with melamine resin.

HPL Compact is cut with a diamond-edged circular saw and it can be jointed very precisely. We have successfully used HPL Compact boards in all our healthcare projects, but we are ready to offer furniture solutions for high-risk spaces and for your offices.

Information to download

Camira – anti-bacterial properties

Camira Vita – care instructions

Egger - Eurodekor Melamine – results of anti-bacterial test

Egger Eurodekor – care recommendations

Protection & ergonomics

A safe workplace

Well-being is one of the major themes resonating through the world of interior design and workplace environments in recent years. However, attention is now drawn to aspects of well-being that were not fully explored before.

Increasing the protection of employees in branches and open plan offices

One of the quickest solutions that is being frequently applied these days are clear plastic extensions that help to reduce the risk of the transmission of infections in banks, retail outlets and offices.

We offer several basic types of freestanding partitions for immediate use for workers in the front line, and also special extensions that are compatible with office screens from our portfolio. You can also choose from a range of basic colours.

Plexiglas shields are easy to clean; on a daily basis they can be wiped with water, or a solution of vinegar and Isopropyl alcohol. It does not contain any harmful substances such as formaldehyde or softener. In a fire no poisonous substances are released and the material can be decomposed into its original chemical compounds or can be fully recycled.

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Take a look at our Plexiglas screens helping Česká spořitelna to maintain safe operation in difficult times.

Comfort when working, both in the office and at home.

Many people are working from home more often these days. Many firms are also aware that this is financially the most suitable solution for them. Some of them have down-sized their existing office space and the money they save on rent they can invest in better quality furnishings.

Look through our range of ergonomic office chairs, height-adjustable desks and other accessories we can offer for your office and home office.


Do you want a healthy and safe office? TECHO has everything you need.

As part of the Royal Ahrend group we are among the top five office furniture producers in Europe. We have our own production facility, the experience of being part of an international company, a personal service and can quickly respond to your requirements. 

Own production capacity

TECHO‘s state-of-the-art factory in Prague is one of the most modern furniture production facilities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Wide-ranging product portfolio

TECHO, Ahrend, Humanscale and Gispen furniture brands are serving customers well across the world.

A well-coordinated team

Successful projects require people of various professions, talents and experience. We are happy to have such people in our team.

International experience

Our group has branches on five continents, production facilities at six locations around the globe, and have delivered orders to over one hundred countries.

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Be inspired by our delivered projects

Hygiene in first place

We are able to comply with the high demands for quality of the interior environment and we understand how to work with the strict hygiene regulations that apply in the healthcare sector. Our successfully completed projects in this sector include leading Czech healthcare facilities.

Policlinic Medicon

For this the largest private day-patient clinic in Prague we supplied a comprehensive interior solution for two floors of the newly renovated building. It was a further opportunity to demonstrate that we can successfully meet the strict requirements for furnishing healthcare facilities.

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Centre of Physical Medicine

Before the actual construction of interiors for the new clinic of Professor Pavel Kolář we, together with the architects, listened to the requirements of the employees. Their suggestions and experience were reflected not just in the layout, but also in the design of bespoke items and furnishings.

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What is the best way to divide workspace? The solution will be different for everyone.

Are you uncertain whether to equip your premises with mobile screens, or whether it would be better to invest in sliding partitions? Take a look at how others have approached this task.


Space that can quickly adjust to the changing requirements of project teams. The solution was to divide the building into two basic functional parts and use sliding partitions.

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We produced all the bespoke furnishings. All composed into a harmonic unit. Starting with reception, then the showroom and on to wall cladding and acoustic solutions.

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What is the result when a client has a clear idea in advance of all processes, of the flows of people and information across offices? A good understanding of employee requirements is a precondition for success.

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Are you fitting-out a new office? We can help you with the project from A to Z.

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