Customer centre ČEZ Pilsen

The ČEZ group is one of the most significant economic entities in the Czech Republic, and it is also active in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. It is primarily focused on the generation, distribution and trading in electricity, heat and natural gas, as well as coal mining. It is one of the top ten energy companies in the Europe, with more than 8 million customers and over 32,000 employees.

Comprehensive and tailor-made solution

ČEZ is a long-term client of ours, and we have shared many interesting projects over the years. We are their partner for the updating of customer centres across the Czech Republic. The customer service centre in Pilsen is a case in point. It is the largest delivered to date, and is a pilot project for a new approach to the customer centres. This new concept is currently undergoing operational testing and if it proves effective, we will be happy to repeat it in other locations. We are pleased to be working on this new concept together with the architects, and are also installing everything, from A to Z.

Openness is key

The task of the new customer centre is to provide an open approach to customers. The entire branch is conceived in a way that makes customers feel as comfortable as possible. The light and colourful interior full of greenery creates a pleasant homely atmosphere. The subtle plant walls optically divide space, but they don’t create significant obstacles that would interfere with the overall impression of open space. The excellent architectural arrangement is complemented by a signage system and a number of graphics with local themes, which leave no doubt that this branch is located in Pilsen. When waiting you can therefore discover and get to know interesting localities in Pilsen.

The branch underwent a complete reconstruction, not just the interior space, but also modifications to the facade, exterior signage and tiles. Inside we demolished the existing arrangement and fitted a complete new interior. The space has been designed down to the last detail – furniture, carpets, graphics and other parts of the interior clearly link in with each other.

Lukáš Roh
Sales manager TECHO

From the perspective of long-term cooperation, the biggest challenge of this project was to introduce a new customer service concept which would meet the client's expectations in full and which we could gradually implement across other branches. Together we strove to create a workplace environment in the branch that feels friendly, airy and comfortable, both for employees and visiting customers. All details were consulted with architect Matěj Kosík and his team from the Červený Klobouk firm of architects, and experienced architect Mariana Jírová, who always abounds in optimism. Great thanks belong to the client for the trust they placed in us, and for the opportunity to contribute to this project. There are others too who devoted themselves to the project, such as our colleague Jana Vopalecká and project manager Radek Štěpán - thanks to them, and to others who participated in the project, everything went smoothly. I am confident that we will continue to be a worthy partner in the redesign of the customer service centres for this client.

New concept, even brighter tomorrows

Ing. Matěj Kosík a Ing. arch. Mariana Jírová

The client wanted to create a unique and completely different customer centre including a new approach to working with customers. The aim was to create a space with a context – interaction between a client and customer service staff, space with higher-quality functions for the customer, with a pleasant design and proper scale to give a homely feel.

The locally selected customer service centre in Pilsen, within the framework of the layout and the technical constraints of the building, enabled the vision to be implemented in all details making use of a wide range of architectural, graphic and technical elements whilst incorporating corporate identity.

The selected concept resulted in the creation of a clearly laid out space for customers, ergonomic comfort with a human scale and design that offers interesting visual perceptions thanks to the interconnection of functional zones with the placement of offers and the sale of commodity and non-commodity items. At the same time, it also creates a pleasant environment for employees who offer products - it facilitates favourable interaction between the client and staff member.

It was also our intention to support the local knowledge of clients and employees with graphics on walls that depict places in Pilsen, so everyone can find their favourite place, street, building… 

Ing. Matěj Kosík a Ing. arch. Mariana Jírová
Architects of the new ČEZ customer service centre in Pilsen

As part of the delivery we not only took into account the comfort of clients, signage, architectural elements, design, visual perceptions, graphic images of the town, colours and comfortable furniture, but also children with a children’s play area. This ensures a peaceful and welcoming environment. We are confident that the customer centre will work as intended – a family environment with a homely feel. We would like to thank everyone who helped during the design and installation phase.

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