In 2020, as a general supplier of furniture, we participated in the construction of truly a timeless office premises for one of the fastest growing domestic startups, the company Productboard. The project took place in the futuristic DOCK district, specifically in the DOCK IN THREE office building, a building with a distinctive wavy facade, almost two hundred square meters of balconies and terraces overlooking the marina, and a quiet area around the two blind branches of the Vltava in Prague Liben.

The complexity of the project lay both in its scope and in particular with regard to the reputation and prestige of the client. The online Productboard platform helps product managers and integrates over 3,000 startups and established companies into their product management to better understand the market and respond to customer demand with properly devised digital products.

Lukáš Janáč
architect of YUAR s.r.o.

The operation of the office is based on a "smart space plan" divided into zones, which are seperated by two blocks of acoustic telephone booths and meeting rooms, surrounding the central square of the community, where the corporate life is played out.

Under the baton of architecture firm YUAR, ergonomic workplaces with adjustable tables, built-in lockers, acoustic panels, 14 different types of meeting rooms and rooms, telephone booths and special space for physical activities, including a climbing wall, were be created over an area of more than 2,000 square metres.

Right next to the elevator lobby, a 450-square metre central "square" has been established; it’s a space intended for company-wide meetings, hackathons or workshops. There is also a reception, a large dining table made of metal and ceramics, a central kitchen with a tap for prosecco, beer and water, a podium with integrated projection equipment and a podcast studio. It also serves as a canteen, as it is located in the immediate vicinity of the gastronomic facilities, in which we provided all equipment specified by the catering company White Circus. 

During the design, colleagues who frequently come from the USA were also taken into account. For their comfort and to overcome jet lag, places were created where they can not only work undisturbed, but also take a nap upon arrival.

Together, we have managed to create spaces that perfectly meet the needs of the client and at the same time reflect the unique corporate culture.

Martin Pivarči

The space must be pleasant and airy with plenty of light. At first sight, it must evoke access to comfort and functionality with good equipment for work. It should have a clear and simple design without unnecessary eclecticism, and be easy to navigate. At the same time, the space should contain a distinctive element or significant material to create the impression of exclusivity.

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