We worked with architects Acht on the creation of the modern Brno coworking centre, Clubco. We suspected that the combination of common experiences and visions would give rise to a truly technological design, and functional gem. It banishes the stereotype of separated offices and strives to create a space in which it is a joy to work. The result is a modern and technologically advanced space for anyone who wants to escape boredom.

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Clubco is located right in the heart of Brno at the Vlněná business park. Spread over a 2000 m2 floor space, freelancers, start-ups, and small and medium-sized firms will find everything they need for work. They have 19 offices available, several meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 26 people, a self-service kitchen and a bar with quality coffee. Each room is fitted with high-tech equipment and, of course, fast, reliable internet. 

The Vlněná business park is certainly no concrete greenhouse with a stifling environment. In the business park itself there is a basketball court and across the whole site there is a total of 170 trees and lots of other greenery. If you feel the need to relax during work, you can relax in outdoor seating, switch off by playing basketball, or just enjoy the view from the 2nd floor terrace. 

In addition to the complete delivery of a bespoke interior, we also supplied standard office furniture (desks, chairs, mobile pedestals, cabinets, etc.) to the coworking centre, thus creating a capacity of approximately 138 workstations. 

A really indispensable element here is access via a mobile application. Through it, you can also make all payments, contact other members or book any meeting room.

Lukáš Roh
Sales manager Ahrend

This project was a great inspiration for us and at the same time a significant challenge. Our big thanks go to the client who selected our company’s products and services. We cannot forget the designers of the whole concept, the architectural firm Acht, with whom we intensively consulted the production documentation and subsequently the production of individual elements. And last but not least, thanks to our entire team that was dedicated to the project. We are sure the offices will have many satisfied users.

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