Adecco IT hub

Swiss employment agency, Adecco Group, operates IT HUB at Prague Pankrác, which supports the operation of branches across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

In one of the most modern office buildings in Prague Adecco IT Hub neighbours, for example, the leader in the antivirus software market, Avast, which recently set the bar very high in terms of workplace environment in the IT sector.

Adecco had no desire to be left behind, particularly as new employees are constantly being recruited. A space originally home to ninety IT specialists was increased at the end of 2019 to a total of 2000 square metres to accommodate 200 people.

Take a look with us at what the Adecco work environment offers employees.

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Everything that you need for work

Adecco attracts the best people in the field into its ranks – security experts, analysts, project managers, business intelligence specialists and a digital guru. In the new headquarters they should all find appropriate conditions for their work.

The architects therefore thought of everything that today is considered standard in a large IT company. Here you will find a large relaxation zone for informal meetings, a kitchenette, lunch area, quite zones for undisturbed work, and sufficient fixed workstations with all technical functions/equipment.

A local speciality is evidently the mobile workstation. Hexagonal desks on castors can easily be placed together to create a work environment for a given number of people and can be moved, for example, to a far corner of the office for a quick team meeting.

The result is excellent teamwork

We are glad that we were involved in the creation of this office environment right from the start of the project. Our participation in the process is reflected in the speed and quality of the associated work. In this case we were part of the wide team working from the start on the overall fit-out.

We greatly appreciate the cooperation with the external project manager, Andrew Crompton, who was entrusted by the Swiss HQ with establishing and opening the IT hub from choosing a suitable building and locality, negotiating a lease agreement, and selecting partners for the comprehensive office fit-out to the recruiting of the first employees and temporarily managing the hub until it’s taken over by a newly appointed permanent manager.

On the construction work we successfully cooperated with STRABAG, a company with which we share a similar approach to projects, specifically with regard to requirements for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. Thanks belong to everyone, and we are confident that the new employees will find sufficient comfort and space for inspiration and good work in their new offices.

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