Architecture in the palm of your hand: 24 years of the Czech Architecture Yearbook

For 24 years now, the Czech Architecture Yearbook has provided a selection of the most interesting architectural projects implemented over the previous two years in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its high-quality, the publication is highly regarded among both the architectural community and the general public, and its publication is keenly anticipated each year. Ahrend is proud to have been a sponsor of this publication right from the first edition.

In the recent podcast ‘Design and Art Talk’ we learnt in an interview with the Yearbook publisher, Dagmar Vernerová, what is behind its exceptional success. We will bring you a summary of the main attributes that make the Czech Architecture Yearbook such an exceptional title. 

Careful selection of projects 

Each edition of the Yearbook is compiled by a different editor, a practising architect, who has total freedom in the selection of projects for inclusion in the Yearbook. The editor is a renowned expert with an overview of the architecture scene who is unafraid to take responsibility for his/her own selection and whose aim is to identify and present projects that enrich the Czech architectural heritage. This process ensures that each year’s edition provides a showcase of the best of Czech architecture, a selection that reveals new trends and development directions. 

High quality service 

The Czech Architecture Yearbook presents a selection of outstanding local projects from the past two years. It has become a recognised reference publication and has for many years successfully promoted the field of architecture. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the whole team, led by the publisher Dagmar Vernerová, it has been possible to share this passion with readers. It is also true to say that the Yearbook would not see the light of day without its enthusiastic supporters and partners who contribute financially and to its promotion. 


Attractive graphic concept 

Of key importance for the Yearbook is the provision of effective and high-quality photos. The quality of visual material is the foundation on which readers are able to fully appreciate the aesthetic value of the presented architecture. The publication comes out in the spring and the photos have to be taken during the winter. In addition, it is not clear in advance whether the budget will be sufficient. Therefore, most of the photographs are supplied by the architects who know how to best visually present their projects. Only in a few cases did we organised additional photographs.


Long-term concept and tradition 

The Yearbook already has a 24-year history and has become a prestigious platform for the presentation of the best works of Czech architecture. Continual development and improvement of the content and format have ensured that the interest of the readership has been retained. The book is available through booksellers and exclusively in printed form, which in today’s digitised world gives it a certain cachet. It offers a unique view of architecture, but it does not have the ambition to be available everywhere and to everyone. It is available to those who are interested in seeking it out.


A publication for experts and the general public   

The Yearbook appeals to the general public, so not just to professionals in the field, but also laymen and students who are interested in contemporary architecture. And thanks to its unique approach to the presentation of architecture, it finds its readership in these days of economic and energy problems.

Czech Architecture Yearbook 
It presents a selection of distinctive Czech projects of the past couple of years. It is a respected reference publication and source of information for architects, students of architecture, investors, developers and the general public. This publication has a different author each year, always a practising architect. The Yearbook has been published since the year 2000 by publisher ‘Prostor– architektura, interiér, design’. The editor of this year’s edition is architect Pavel Nasadil. 

Dagmar Vernerová (*1958)
Is a well-known figure in the Czech architecture scene. Her work has contributed significantly to the popularisation and promotion of Czech architecture, both at home and abroad. After graduating from the Charles University Philosophy Faculty she engaged in editorial work at magazines ‘Architekt’ and ‘Fórum architektury’. At the end of the 1990s she cofounded the non-profit organisation, ‘Prostor– architektura, interiér, design’, which focusses on the promotion of contemporary Czech architecture. In addition to publication of the Czech Architecture Yearbook, she has also worked on publication of other specialist titles and the organisation of exhibitions.

Dagmar Vernerová
Director of the Prostor foundation

“The editor needs to be a person who has been active in the field for some time, is sufficiently established and is not afraid of the fact that publication of the Yearbook will likely alienate a certain group of colleagues. It is his/her reputation on the line as the Yearbook will bear his/her name. We guarantee the editor absolute freedom.”

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